So where to start ?

Easy one is to start with Rach. She has had a cold AGAIN so on Monday being smart she decided not to ride the TT(more on that later) but she did offer to ride out to the turn and make sure nobody missed it. This was a great idea as I always believe that if you ride easy you can keep ticking over. Sadly on the way back Rach lost control of her bike and hit a kerb. The end result was all day at the hospital as she was checked for concussion and had an X-Ray on her wrist. The good news is the concussion is mild so another point for helmets, the bad news is she has broken the Radius bone in the wrist and it will require a plate which of course means an operation. When will that be? It was supposed to be today but after a number of hours chasing them it has been pushed to tomorrow. Sadly given the standard of contact and treatment so far we are not convinced tomorrow will happen. The woman on the phone today seemed to have no appreciation for the fact Rachael has a job. Medical standby means I will not be seeing MiniG this weekend which is sad but there will be other weekends.

So on the subject of medical stuff lets talk about my ankle. Over the last few weeks I have run very little and it has felt better, today I set up and cleared the parkrun course at a nice easy pace and you know what it is still not right. Not really in pain just that dull feeling that everything is not quite right. Again though I am not dwelling here as the running is not a primary focus so it can take longer. I think this week I will run 1.5 miles or so on Thursday and that will be it as lots of cycling to be done.

Smoothly linked to the cycling there, god I’m good :¬)

Sunday I traveled to Banbury for the Banbury Star CC road race and to be honest it was one race too many. The ironic bit being it was a parkrun that tipped the cart as my sub 19 effort left me with really bad DOMS in my quads and hips. The race itself was all over before the start, as the rain came down and my desire left me I struggled to stay in touch in the neutralised zone and I was smoothly dispatched out the back on the first climb. Worked really well with a group on lap 2 but got dropped by that group on the hill as well. At the top we were only a few minutes down from the main group but now I only had 2 people to work with and soon it was 1. Then it was all over as I broke my crank. Some nice people gave me a lift back to the car and to be honest I was happy to get out of the rain.

Monday was TT day and time to ride the new rig

Given I knew I was over raced I decided just to ride a steady effort and finished with a short 62. Good news all things considered, I do however need to adjust my saddle a little. These adjustments shall be done tomorrow so I can ride and test again tomorrow night over 30 miles.

Wrapping up the blog with a quick chat about parkrun. We had 384 people run today at Newbury which was a new record. The atmosphere was brilliant and only a little bit spoilt by the attitude of one man. You know who you are so please don’t bother coming back. Big congratulations to Sandra and the team, I watched you guys running 18 minutes and was impressed and you have raised the bar even more. Will be good to see how you race if we can get some 15.xx runners for you to chase. Thank you everyone who made today a success.

God Save the Queen.


2 Responses to “So where to start ?”

  1. June 6, 2012 at 4:10 am

    I hope she gets well very soon!

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