Sprautumn or Wummer

It is obvious that we no longer have 4 seasons in this country and in fact we could just come up with a new word like “Permashite” which covers all 12 months living in Britain. Yeap it is safe to say my inner sun lover has escaped today and he is fed up of riding in winter clothing when it is JUNE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please God cut us some slack and let us have a month of sun.

The Rach report

She is now home, 2 operations and lots of pain later but technically she is now on the mend. Sadly a very underwhelming experience as far as service and communication from the hospital goes. I am a big supporter of the NHS and know that our Doctors and Nurses work hard but please simple communication skills would be good.

For those of you wondering, yes her bike is on the turbo and YES she plans to do 30 minutes easy later today.

Ankle watch

Not sure as I don’t really run, did 2 miles on Tuesday with no drama and have plans to run again soon. Having made the decision to be a cyclist I don’t really think about my own running much. At some point I will run up and down some hills as that will really tell me where I am.

Cycle racing and time trialling

The new bike is excellent and I am going faster, this could of course just be me getting benefit of my training. This weekend I am supposed to be riding a 10 on one of the new fast local(ish) courses, of course God has sent the advanced forecast and that is for “Permashite” which means the event may well be called off.

Sunday I have a road race hanging out with the VETS again. That will probably happen as road racers seem somewhat more hardy than time triallers.


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