You miserable git

I believe this is what Rach called me being at her most polite after my miserable whinging attitude having just got a 40 second PB on F11/10 yesterday.

She also pointed out how I would talk to her or people I coach if they were so negative after a good PB.

Yes I did write 40 second PB and miserable.

So come on chap explain…….

I have been running this around in my head.

We got there quite late, did this bother me ? NO
No time to turbo, did this bother me ? NO
Adjusted seat, little low to the front, did this bother me ? No
Was there excessive traffic on the course ? NO
Did the wind bother me ? Of course it did but that is just time trialling and everyone had that issue.

As we can see I made the start ready to rock and was very relaxed.

First few miles are a bit rutted but the same for everyone and I was riding ok but after the turn as we climbed back up the slope I just felt crap as if my legs were dead. Motivation drained and I nearly pulled off such was my 4 mile split. Somehow I made it over the hill and with the next 2 miles being very quick I thought oh well you may as well kick on. I approached the turn and saw my minute man and this helped again but as I approached the finish the last minute dragged and I felt so slow and weak. The end result was a 21.35 which is a 40 second PB yet there was no cheering or whooping from me instead I rolled back to the club house feeling pretty down with a much do better feeling.

Here I am the next day and although I feel a bit better to have the time I still have a must do better feeling about me.

Is it time to ride with the power meter and remove another level of guesswork ?


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