The Dragon 2 day and a trip to Hillingdon

Delayed due to wanting to see the results and currently stalling while I watch the 4th set tie break of the mens doubles at Wimbledon. (3-2 Marray and Neilson right now)

The time trial – 3.5 miles up a long drag basically.

I only had one plan, go hard the push harder. Felt very happy with my work(damn 2 sets all) although if I could be critical of myself I failed to change gear a couple of times when I should have taken an easier option. In the club house I was 8th fastest.

The afternoon race – Down the R25 dual carriageway and then back up the 3.5 mile drag we had TT on.

From the off a chap from Stone Wheelers just went but he was caught a lap later. The group stayed together with little darts here or there until another Stone Wheeler went for it. We didn’t chase and he was gone. As the race went on it became obvious that only a few of use were prepared to put the effort in so it came down to a bunch sprint, not my specialty so I went from a long way out but was caught on the slope going to the finish. Turned out I was top 10 and at the end of the first day 6th overall but not far from 2nd.

(5th set 1 -0 Marray and Neilson)

Day 2 and I had a little fatigue but Rach pointed out so would everyone :¬) The course was down R25 again but further then a longer drag back up including the 3.5 mile TT drag. (2-0)

It was a cagey start with not a lot happening but at a solid pace. Not so many early efforts and I found myself along with No.11 on the front quite a lot. A few little stabs then another chap from Stone Wheelers went off the front(not the same one from Saturday). Again nobody was prepared to work and he was gone. Stone Wheelers then marked any changes (4-1 and dinner ) until about 2 laps to go when the chap who had won the day before decided he would like to get away. Myself and number 11 again along with Stone man tried like hell to gap everyone but no joy. Sprint finish again and this time I waited a little longer before making a burst. I was caught but another solid result saw top 10 again.

When the dust settled I was 6th overall and 5th in the A cat 10 seconds from 3rd. A very enjoyable weekend and a race I hope to do next year. (Oh my god it is 5-2)

Moving on – Wednesdays TT was cancelled so I did a session on the turbo. Work is going well and the new bike makes me a happier commuter. Also started to coach Charlotte again which will make ME do a little running. Talking of running I even knocked out a 20 minute parkrun today. (Laptop down as Marray is serving for the match)

THEY WON !!!!!!!!!!! Jubilee year, God save the Queen !!!!!!!!!!

So onto today where I was supposed to be riding F11/10 which was sadly cancelled due to roadworks. No worries there was an event on at Hillingdon. A quick check told me there was an E/1/2/3/4 vets race as well as the cat3/4 race. I entered the Vets and then it didn’t matter as due to numbers they lumped us all in together although we were told it would be split again later.(not sure I get this or understand how the points work)

The race itself was pretty frantic from the off, I had decided I would get near the front and just try to hop on a breakaway. This summed up most of the next hour of my life well until about 55 minutes when a chap went for home big style. Suddenly I was the man on the front and although I asked people to come through with the exception of a chap from London Dynamo help was sparse.(Chap did say sorry for being on my wheel and doing nothing but it was his team mate up the road) With 3 laps to go I was the leadout and nobody was interested 2 laps to go and not much changed. Then the kick and would you believe I got CRAMP in both legs. Managed to stay on the back pedal, cruise, stretch pedal and with half a lap left I managed to stay seated and move forward a little. Kicked hard for the line from very deep in the pack finishing just outside the top 10 (I think) but after the split of the 2 races I should get points!!!!!


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