CAT 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I bloody well am as well.

Took Jason to his first CAT4 race last weekend at Stourport and the last thing he said to me before the start was “make sure you ride your own race”

With this ringing in my ears I still hoped Jason would jump in and follow my wheel a bit but this went wrong at the start as he stopped at the side while I rolled to the front.

Off we went and safe to say it was a slow start with too much braking which makes me nervous. Noticing the concertina effect on lap 3 I rolled to the front up the hill but straight after the turn the leaders jumped past me and slowed the race down.

Around 4 miles Rhys Parks jumped out the bunch so I went after him, for the next 2 miles we tried to get away but the bunch pulled us back. Where as Rhys dropped back into the bunch I decided I would try to keep the pace up to thin the group out a little more. Around 9 miles a team mate from NTFO jumped out the pack and went hard then Rhys jumped again so once more I went for it and got on his wheel. 2 laps later we heard some scraping on a corner behind us(was a fall, everyone all right) and this obviously just grew the gap we had a little more. From this point onwards we just shared turns and rode away from the pack.

Out front 2 things were obvious:

1. I was on the edge
2. He was quicker than me out the turns

This meant I was going to be in trouble at the end.

When it came down to it the end was an anti climax really as he shot out from behind me and I got a calf cramp when I chased.

It didn’t matter as I came 2nd and secured the points I needed to become a CAT3.

Funny how it goes really

In 2009 I couldn’t sprint or get away, in early 2012 I couldn’t sprint or get away. In a strange old July I managed to get points in a bunch sprint and then ride off in a breakaway.

Love it :¬)


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