Oh dear my running is a bit shite

Ok lets be fair on me as I am not really running much, last 6 months I have done less miles than I did in the 4 weeks before my injury. That said given all the cycling I do I sort of expected I would be able to run a reasonable 5km. Early June saw me run just under 19 minutes with pretty even pacing claiming I was not flat out.

Yesterday on the back of 2 weeks of running about 10 miles a week it was time to see where I was.

The weather at Newbury parkrun was lovely with the sun shining and only a little wind so I decided to run 3.40 per km thinking with a good finish a low 18 would be nice, safe to say things did not quite go to plan.

First KM – 3.40
Second KM – 3.40
Third KM – 3.40

then we get to the KM number four which I like to tell everyone is basically flat as the course only rises 9 metres in total – 3.53, oh yeah 3.53 and I had popped.

I ended up finishing in a time of 18.48 which in my world is a bit shit really.

So now I have a running based objective. Get back into the 17s this year. This year is a vague end measure as I think with about 6 weeks of 10-20 miles a week with a little bit of interval work I can get there. I shall say sadly but not sure I am sad, I have a feeling that although I will be trying to get my 10-15 miles a week of running in it could well be October before I get to see the fruits of my labour (possible parkrun effort in Denmark for the August bank holiday) due to my bike racing commitments.

I guess this brings us to the reality of where I am and what I want to do. That is – I am a cyclist who runs a bit so a 17.xx 5km is now a nice to have rather than a needed objective which means it will always be pushed away if it impacts the cycling.


2 Responses to “Oh dear my running is a bit shite”

  1. July 29, 2012 at 1:01 pm

    Compared to me, thats a brilliant time! I only just managed a sub 30minute 5k! haha!

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