Back to Richmond Park and the 3LC

It has been a while since we all got together for one of these, last time I made a mistake and took a road bike it was not to happen this time.

With “your the cyclist” ringing in my ears(Thanks Barbie) I set off at 4.45 this morning with full TT bike and gear. What started with a chat on Twitter and 3 of us deciding to meet became much more and 8 of us were ready to roll. The power of Twitter. Some dodgy seeding done and then we were off at 30 second intervals.

“From here it is about my ride”

Went off and felt ok so got my head down, the first lap first climb went ok and I moved very well done the speedy section on the far side of the course. I turned for the main climb slipped down the gears and just accepted I would stamp up the hill (54/21). Concerns about my calf and feet were there but I had no issues crested the top and pushed on. Good speed down the decent saw a 16.37 lap. Lap2 and again no real problems up the long drag but I was not setting the world on fire either :¬) Caught my 30 and 60 second men heading down the far side.(Felt fast down hill today) and again turned to do the climb. I was a little surprised part of the way up to be passed by my 30/60 second men. No drama it was about my ride. Slightly held up on the decent though as I’m a little stupid(I’d like to claim great bike handler really) and they weren’t but soon pulled past and got my head down. 16.26 for the 2nd lap.(Given the little hold up I may have gone a little hard here but didn’t feel like it). As I went out onto the drag for lap3 I wished I had brought a 23 cassette, not ideal when you have another tough climb later in the lap. Got on with it using the usual control and all was good. Traffic down the road caused a small delay(sure everyone would have had issues lap3) but got through pretty quickly so was happy and head down to the turn. Made the decision early to actually use the small ring(42) for the climb. It was tough and I was not comfy(too much damage already done) but once up it I was strong all the way to the finish.

Final time 49.40 – PB of around 4 minutes.

“Ride over”

Went over to Barbie and he had done me by 11 seconds so 2nd place for me. Much respect to him, I came ready to race and he was faster and he had also got a PB. Like me he had raced at the weekend as well.

As the others came in it became apparent nobody had held anything back and racing had brought the best out of people.

Lesson for me, take a cassette with a better spread of gears.

It was then time to go to work so people moved off, 4 of us did a cool down lap and then 3 went for coffee. Good company and thanks Fatboy for taking the hit. My shout next time.

The question is, when is next time??

I need to go and do a assent of Box Hill, I just need to know how quickly I can do it. I wonder if there is a strava for that.


1 Response to “Back to Richmond Park and the 3LC”

  1. 1 Andy King
    August 23, 2012 at 9:34 am

    Heres the Strava Box Hill segement http://app.strava.com/segments/627910

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