Wonderful Copenhagen

My bike my bike my Kingdom for a bike, everyone cycles yet I was there to walk run and be tortured at the Tivoli Gardens.

Finally MiniG, Rach and I were off to see the Snapper in Denmark. Obviously I have been here many times but I had always avoided Tivoli.

MiniG had 3 objectives:
1. See a Little Mermaid
2. Torture Dad at Tivoli
3. Spend all his money

Lets start with number 1 in a typical out of order way, this was done on the Sunday as the Snap man had entered us all for a walkathon, oh yes 6kms around Copenhagen. Must admit it was a good idea as we saw more of the place than we ever have before but missed the mermaid. Snaps rectified this shortly after we returned and MiniG had accomplished her mission

Number 2, oh Tivoli. It is basically an amusement park. Have you ever seen a man who is scared of heights in a fairground. Safe to say I did my best and was happy when MiniG didn’t want to do the “big swing”. That said you know things are bad when an 11 year old girl says “it is alright dad you can get off soon”. I had a good and terrible time all at once and MiniG was having a great time. Rach of course was saved by her broken arm. Some people are so lucky !!!!!

Number 3, she is a girl so enough said on that.

What else did we do ? parkrunning, all 3 of us scored another different parkrun with Rach and I bagging a couple of cheeky wins. That said my run was dire as I felt fat and slow and generally uncomfortable. Really need to make some tough choices training and diet wise before next season.

Took in Sweden, no really as a change of approach we flew in and out of Malmo so on the way back we spent a few hours in Sweden. MiniG got to do 2 countries.

Snaps and his lovely wife were as always wonderful hosts and we cannot thank them enough for putting us all up.


1 Response to “Wonderful Copenhagen”

  1. 1 Amy and kiara
    August 5, 2013 at 5:31 pm

    So now the dark lord is a bike?
    HE’S A MERMIAD not a bike or a mouse

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