The MiniG experience

So having done a weekend in Denmark and with Rach going to a family christening I decided once more to grab some MiniG time. This time it was the chance of a rapid road trip to Falkirk and the parkrun.

Arrived at MiniGs house at 2010 and we were in the car barely 30 minutes later. Target Carlisle, conversation was good and funny as she has worked out how to make the satnav rap :¬0. We arrived at 0050 and by 0100 we were asleep. Sadly the 0600 alarm call came far too quickly and we were back in the car.

Not far from Falkirk I realised we had committed the classic mistake as Scottish parkruns start at 0930. Improvised and took MiniG on a tour of Hallglen, sadly the place looks badly run down.

Oh well to the parkrun and a real trip down memory lane, I had spent lots of time at Cally Park as a boy so this was another chance to bore poor MiniG. Must say she was pretty good really considering the course had hills in it she ran quite well. Ok she complained a bit on the hill at 4kms but even so a good run and much better than the previous effort in Denmark.

Afterwards we discovered the tea shop where the Falkirk crew had a very impressive turnout and then headed to the Falkirk wheel. As silly as it is I had never seen it, I have been gone a long time.
We got some pictures of the wheel and sent Rach a text, I have a feeling we will be going back to Scotland sooner rather than later :¬)

As we walked back to the car MiniG announced that we could just drive all the way back to her mums, easy for her to say. Then she tells me I should still go the scenic route. FUNNY KID !!!!!

We did however have a great drive down the A1 with no drama at all arriving at her mums house around 2200. I decided to sleep for an hour before getting on the motorbike but this turned into 4 hours :`0

Arrived home early morning shattered but I had enjoyed my time with MiniG


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