It’s all gone a little Holgate

In the spirit of the Glassman here finally is my blog from the weekend.

Saturday was the WLCA 10 on H10/3A, safe to say this is a course I dislike. I rode to the HQ as Rach had the car and was at parkrun. On arrival I felt pretty good which was an encouraging sign. Had a chat and a drink and then got myself to the start. As this was an open and on a Saturday I was up for this which given how well I had ridden the course leading into the event was another encouraging sign.

Went off hard down the hill and really powered over the bridge heading towards Wickham hill, new logic suggested actually using the small ring and staying aero so I did this. Not sure it was faster but I was strong off the top, at 2 miles you are thinking right 6 mins for the next 3 miles, not sure how long this has been the goal but it is. Arrived at 5 miles around 10.54 which is solid and made the turn without any trouble. The ride back is basically 3.75 miles uphill, nothing serious just a drag but boy it hurts when on the edge. Approaching the top of Wickham hill with 1 mile to go I knew a good last mile and a course PB was mine. Putting in one of my best ever last miles saw me cross the line in 22.33 and another 18 seconds off the time. Without a doubt my finest ride on this course.

I hope Gary doesn’t mind but the first result I wanted to know was his, we ride similar times and on a Wednesday night he usually wins but in the opens when we ride I have the edge, got back to discover he had sat up as it wasn’t his day. In the end I came 4th with the even being won by Peter Weir who like me rides for Banjo Cycles. NICE :¬)

Afterwards I was joined by the Glass Librarian himself who had been for his first parkrun. Can’t beat Newbury parkrun, he was rewarded with a pretty good time.( for him:¬0 ) Andy was in the area to present awards at a local triathlon, they were also giving out his book, “Can’t Swim, Can’t ride, Can’t run” If you think you can’t do something read his book and see where it takes you. As always the chat was about running, cycling etc. Safe to say as always there was ribbing. Usually I give him grief about his weight so I was stunned to see the new and improved lighter Glassman, in his word “I have a way to go yet” but in my words he has made a rather impressive start. Keep it going mate I am impressed indeed but stop persuading my friends to do Ironman BEFORE they are ready :¬)

Sunday was the Bath CC road race and my first outing as a CAT3, 4 laps of a rolling hilly course. Well, that was the plan. First lap was going alright and I had been steady up all the climbs then at 40 mph on a descent this happened…..

I hit something very hard and although I initially kept going it was very soon obvious I had a major issue. Another DNF!!!!

Now and apology to Andy and Jason for my pace and route control on Sunday afternoon. Yes I can blame Andy, well it was his fault but looking at the data afterwards it was obvious I had far too much left over energy after he mornings disaster.

Hopefully this evening the wheel will make it to the bike shop for a rebuild.


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