The season is finally over

Thank god !!!!!!!!!!!

Those of you who follow my racing will know that I was ready to stop at the end of August and backed right off before a good TT convinced me to finish the year off with the LVRC National TT Champs .

The 3 weeks of back to back racing and TTing had me in fine shape so apart from concerns around me ever increasing weight I was ready.

Drove up with Jason and Rach and after collecting the numbers we drove the course, trying my best to be calm I was a little concerned by the long climb at 6 plus miles and my 42/21 lowest gearing.

We found a spot about a mile from the start and got ready, Jason joined me for a warm up and I did a few efforts. All good again.

Not for the first time the race report is pretty dull. Didn’t go out hard enough and had no dramas at all in the first 6 miles. The climb was uncomfortable but maybe I just didn’t try hard enough as I was never really in distress. Off the top I finally got some race head and set off after my minute man. Considering I spotted him on the hill I was not impressed that it took me another 5 miles to catch him. With about 6 miles to go my Kask Bambino decided I should ride using the force. Oh well by now I was on the road home so it was just go go go. With no idea what is happening I just went hard. Took the last bend and drove the line. Somewhere here I got a slow puncture, it had no impact just heard the psssh of air escaping.(tire is flat now)

Crossed the line in 44.52 not far behind my 2 minute man or so I thought. Gutted to see he beat me by 30 seconds so he must have been sat around at the finish for 3 minutes. Hey Ho :¬0

What now ?

This week is all about relaxing as I am mentally and physically tired, I may go lift some weights but CV training is really not in my plans, of course that will end at the latest on Saturday when I run with the “Mighty Drew”. I may have another similar week next week as well. In my head I start base on November 1st so why rush ?


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