Roller Hockey retirement again ?

Firstly I love playing the game and I can’t thank the Arrows enough for letting me play. When I say I love the game I mean that the desire to win is still strong which makes me highly motivated. I have enjoyed the frustration of refinding my skills but for the first time since my return in my mind I crossed a line.

I wanted to change things, step forward and move people around. I’m not the coach, or the captain. I’m just a player these days and it is not my place to do so. I stood on the bench and waited my shift, when I really was agitated I sat alone and gathered my thoughts but I said nothing(ok I helped the goalie during a time out). BUT all the time when I was looking at the pitch I reading the play, seeing different players on different lines, tracking what the other team was up to analyzing the goalies movement, noticing that we do cycle the puck well down low but we don’t break it out the way we train, spotting where we fail to transition or Alamo rush. Strangely I didn’t see me on the pitch(ok I did on the power play) but largely I saw myself orchestrating, holding a gate, talking to players. Suddenly it all seemed wrong, Ginge, Harv, Serg and Co were all 17 again and I was in the wrong kit. I feel like I let them down by saying and doing nothing.

Someone said to me afterwards, well played. I don’t think I played well at all but it matters little when we lose anyway.

Always an Arrow


1 Response to “Roller Hockey retirement again ?”

  1. 1 Der Spiegel
    November 26, 2012 at 2:53 pm

    Think back to when you started playing.How many 42 year olds were playing then?

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