I’m there, assuming I can stop myself crashing this looks like a sport where I can compete. Yes I mean compete as I am not a take part person. I still have issues with my bodyweight and today spoke to a nutritionist, this didn’t go well but it was good to chat all the same.

For the interested I did ride the 60 miles to work last Friday and 37 of the miles back, international rescue was called in Sonning as after a day at work and over 6hours on the bike my legs ran out of run.

This week has seen me back on the motorbike and out on the roads with the pushbike including the Maidenhead ride. 60 miles round trip so more civilized than the 120, that said I will do the 120 again soon.

Have concluded commuters as a rule are miserable :¬0


1 Response to “Cyclist”

  1. February 2, 2013 at 8:48 pm

    That was an epic day!

    When does the racing season start? Presume a mix of TTs and road races again?

    As for weight loss then, for me as somebody who is currently 95% runner and 5% cyclist (so maybe not indicative), then I seem to have been dropping kgs in recent months (82kg- just under 75 against PB marathon weight of 70kg) by (a) Running lot more – 70mpw in Jan, (b) Running every day, (c) Going hard on some runs for short periods much more than I had been doing in recent years (I “blame” Strava for that) – I think this increases metabolism through the day, (d) cutting out “comfort” eating – e.g. chocolate bars and sandwich from petrol station after long runs then going home and having tea anyway. (e) 1 pudding rather than 3 or 4 (ice creams in freezer dangerous!). That said just had one, (f) being “fat” in the first place and some quick wins to be had.

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