Saturday was interesting

Lets deal with the good bits.

Went to see MiniG as it is her birthday next week and I will be in France, it is also Easter so lots of presents to buy.

To start the day though we had decided to do Kings Lynn parkrun. Flat fast course so I heard and boy did that turn out to be true. As quite often happens on a first visit to a run MiniG and I decided to run together, WELL she was game on from the start and set off at a pace that concerned me enough to comment. Calming down the pace settled in the mid 5s per km. As we went through 3km I started running the numbers and pointing out that an all time PB was on. At 4km she told me to shut up :¬) With 300 metres to go I spoke again pointing out that 300 metres inside 90 seconds would bag her a monster PB, all hell broke lose as we stormed to the line in 26.46 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All time PB, the girl did good. This cost me more presents. I am so glad she wants to run and is attending a running club. Although not running much myself now the desire to stay run fit enough to help her is there.

Clothing/games and sweets later we settled at a Wimpy for a spot of lunch and a chat. Lots of running chat and observations that the weather was getting worse.

Took MiniG home and had a coffee while watching the weather some more. Made the decision to head home before the snow settled, this turned out to be very wise as I was later told how bad the snow was but also the dumbest thing I have ever done.

The details on the bad bit

My route took me in the direction the snow was coming from so as I drove towards Peterborough it got worse. Decided at this point to head down the M1. A wise move as I didn’t really have to do anything but ride. That said as you see snow settling around you 60mph feels like 300. Spent most of the time riding slowly and wiping my visor. Suddenly south of Luton there was nothing so I booted it home.

These were the worst conditions I have ever ridden in and something I don’t wish to do ever again !!!!!!!!!!

Got home and had a bath purely so I could just relax :¬)


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