Insomnia encourages a catch up blog

Of course because it is posted now nobody will see it :¬)

So thinking about where to start – Newbury RC open 25, due to bad luck this turned out to be a DNS for me. I ripped my speedsuit and with even a top to put on I could not ride. Terrible conditions made me quite happy about this. The following day I was even more grateful for my DNS !!!

MStina Series event 2 Finchley Racing Team Paul Simon Homes RR – the race was as hard as it is to say it. Pace was hot from the start with people attempting to get away all over the place. With a rolling course and a couple of sharp climbs (surprising for Essex) the effort to stay in touch was big. Last I remember is 2 groups getting away and think FUCK IT !!!!! That said last lap and last climb I kicked hard with the bunch and 6 of us escaped(Turned out a horse had bucked and slowed the field). We raced to the line with me being a lead out donkey. Did my best !!!!!

Sitting here now so much later I am sure I could have said a lot more, lesson here is blog earlier of just don’t bloody bother.

Monday was track night and I had my own bike with a trispoke fitted and the sub 9 disc, the reason was the chance to ride a pursuit. Warm up told me there were problems with my disc as under pressure it was rubbing but although noisy there was no way I was taking it off. I adjusted it a final time and headed to my pursuit start. Simple plan sub 6 mins. Rach was asked just to stand either side of the line so I knew up or down. As it turned out there was shouting and moving yet I saw nothing except my quarter lap man flying past me. This worked well as I put my foot down from this point. Finished in 5.41 for my first pursuit and 5th overall. Happy with that for sure. My evening was finished off with the 20km. The week before on a hired bike with silly gearing I was gone in 4 laps. Not this time, early doors I hung in with IanG assuming he would stay out of trouble which he did but from lap 30 I got involved in the race, even pinged off the front with a few breaks. With just 2 laps to go and the pace picking up a group of riders got away and with just over a lap to go I got my chance. Head down and all in I made it to the final straight as Donal and a young lad shot past me. Discovered afterwards I was 2nd B and within 50 metres of the win. Would not have mattered as I had no more to give. What a brilliant evening.

Easy training between then and Wednesday evening meant I turned up for the club 10 feeling chipper. Conditions were good and with AndyT to chase I went out hard to the crazy turn and caught Andy not much later. No backing off and good conditions saw my best ride of the year, not the fastest time but definitely the best ride. 

During the day on Thursday I was looking at results from last weekends race when I noticed a 3 day race called the Tour of the Abberleys, a cheeky email followed…… That night I did track and it was Derny night. 43 mph behind the bike AWESOME but hard work. I WILL GET SOME LEG SPEED!!!!! Friday morning and I had an email telling me if I was prepared to travel I would probably get a ride. I figured I could afford 200 miles worth of fuel for the chance of a Stage race. Even now I cannot believe I never noticed it when sorting my year out.

So I lined up Saturday morning for the 2.3 mile Prologue, an up hill rolling nasty. Midtable obscurity was mine, too hilly , too short, too tired but only 29 seconds behind the leader. Stage 1 in the afternoon was pretty straight forward as I sat on the back for most of it only coming out to play on the last lap. End of day 1 and I was only 29 seconds from the lead.

Day 2 and onto something a little more hilly, again my lack of pace was hidden by my ability to climb(proving training works) so over the rolling terrain I could hold my place and up the “hard climb” I could move through. Watching what was happening I decided to ride the last lap near the front hopeful others would work to close the break down, this didn’t come but turning into the climb I made my bid for home. I climbed strongly but not well enough as the peloton swarmed past and I plodded home. End of day2 and 1 minute down and still mid table obscurity.

Day 3 and it had the steep one. I don’t want to dwell on this, I thought I had the legs but they kicked half way up. I didn’t go with them. Turned out 8 of us were dropped and we worked well together all the way to the climb in the last lap. Sadly I couldn’t stay with them either. All I could do was ride to the end for the satisfaction of not being a DNS. All in all a great event and one I will sign up for again next year.

It is now 2am and I am still awake, at 0445 I am due to get up to go training with the lads. It could be messy

In closing, I have also joined the VTTA. Final proof that I am proper old !!!!!!!!!


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