Oh it’s that time again

My TT got cancelled last Saturday due to the rain!!!!!!!!!!!!! The mad thing was there was no rain at home :¬(

On Sunday I had the Swindon road race and turned up with great legs, this actually seemed to signal me to disengage my brain and spend far too much time either trying to get off the front or chasing things down. Not really wise when there is a huge hill on the course and you are not a great climber. That said I was there on the last lap and knowing my lack of kick up the hill(I could climb it fine) I decided to have one more big dig, went up the road after an Army chap, got on his wheel, told him to let me through and suggested 30 second turns but 30 seconds later he was cooked. I was left hanging out the front for a bit but just lacked the power to get away, with about a mile to the final climb I settled(hung on) in the bunch and tried to compose myself for the sprint. As expected I was there all the way up the hill until the sprint and just had nothing.

End result was great legs no score, happy to have raced but disappointed to get nothing.

Monday was track and playing with new gearing, rode my first Devil. Realised that if I sat on the front I could control the pace a little, got me to the lap before the bell round. Of course the focus is always the 20km where the changes of pace are helping me improve my sprinting and the attempted get aways are helping my top end speed. Safe to say I regretted the smaller gearing(48 x 14) as my legs were spinning far too much. Managed to stay in until 19 laps to go when I finally dropped off the back. Rode on and finished the event to secure my points for 2nd B again.

Reading this blog it looks like all I do is ride a bike but I do have a job and have started going back into the gym as well. This means I am doing a little running as well.

So Wednesday and we were on the Spoco course HCC248 which is probably my favourite course. Had IanG chasing me so buried myself from the start. One of those evenings were I felt great and everything just clicked. Ian caught me less than half a mile from the finish breaking the course record by a second. I got a 43 second PB :¬)

Thursday was track training, not a lot to say beyond crap weather and a bit of a dull night because of it. My bike is filthy !!!

Third week at work is finished and all seems to be good which is nice, training was pretty casual ahead of the weekend.

Saturday and @newburyparkrun had a pacing event going on. I was the 40 minute pacer which was a very easy day out. It is great to see the happy faces when people achieve their goals. Nice to give back a bit. After that I rode my bike and became quite aware that I had DOMS. Bit of a bugger with the TT the next day.

Today was my first 25 of the year on H25\2, this is a course with a very fast start, only one real climb and the rest of the course is flat rolling. If I am honest I knew around 2 miles that my legs were lacking some bite but I tried my best. Stats afterwards showed my effort was a little down, HR suppression caused by fatigue. I shall be modifying my training this week to get myself ready for the national 10.

I guess that lets you know whats coming up next week along with the usual stuff oh and that work thing…………


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