National 10 and NewburyRC

Traveled to Norfolk for the National 10 mile 10 championships with Rach yesterday. She is at the sharp end and me I just make the numbers up. To expand on that Rach has a seeded start and I just don’t want to be last.

So I rarely talk about other peoples rides in my blog but today is different as I want to talk about Rach. Last year she had a horrific crash and has spent all winter training on the turbo and around that has spent a lot of time at the hospital as they try to discover why she passed out. That however was nothing to the shock of hearing she had a cancerous growth. This along with aggressive drugs has meant that she has good and bad days for living never mind training. She came 10th yesterday and was devastated, even 100% healthy this was a course that did not suit her never mind with all that has happened in the last year.  So if you are reading this and thinking “I can’t do it” think of Rach. Not only does she do it, she doesn’t even talk about the problems…… Even off this blog she doesn’t want sympathy, I just wanted to point out how she battles. (strange request but no blog comments or messages to Rach as she doesn’t want it, PLEASE !!!!!)

Now it is all about me. I rode yesterday as well, my marker as always is to finish as far from the back of the field as where I start so 44 places yesterday. This was achieved, next thing of interest is how far I am from IanG. The closer to a minute the better my ride. 62 seconds was the outcome and he won the B age group. My time for the number crunchers was a respectable 22.31. Surely I must have a good fast 10 in me this year ?? There should be no need for motivation for a National and my HR stats were the highest ever in a 10.

Today was the Newbury RC road race as part of the Percy Stallard series – I entered this for 2 reasons

1 – as I plan to do the MStina series race in July

2 – it is local and run by my 2nd claim(home) club

I was concerned as I woke this morning as for the first time ever I had fatigue in my legs from a 10 mile TT. With my new wheels on I decided to ride to the start just to give myself a shakeout. Felt ok once I arrived and was quickly ready to race. From the start I put myself near the front and tried to get involved in things, was really happy again with my climbing. Sadly we were caught by the C and D race (bad news) and had to stop to let them away, off the restart 2 of us tried to jump away but were caught. In a strange way this finished my race as I drifted to the back and got caught in the crash. Not taken out but basically stopped and although I got back to the pack when the race exploded up the climb all I could do was hang on. Once more I missed the break. It was a bit shit to the end and just to finish me off of course I had nothing for the last sprint up the hill.

Excellent event with great cakes and marshalls, look forward to having another go at the course in July.


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