E123 at Ludgershall

I have done no BC racing this year apart from a little riding on the track and put all my focus into LVRC with limited success. It is somewhat ironic that with the LVRC Crit champs coming up a bank holiday appeared so with no track to do I found myself on the start line for a BC E123 event. There was a Cat3 Cat4 race which looked pretty good when watching but with no interest in being a Cat2 a hard race seemed a smart idea. Basically wanted to see if I was totally out of my depth.

The race itself was a strange affair, nearly got dropped off the start due to pedal faffing but beyond that I was never really in trouble(had to work hard a few times). Some blinding fast accelerations in the first half of the race followed by some social riding meant that come the last few laps we were all together. Probably the most tactical Crit race I have ever done. Without a doubt the slowest :¬0

5 to go and an Army lad had a go, everyone just let him hang then a couple of bursts and we were together again. I thought he would go again on the last lap and got his wheel but to no avail as the big hitters put the foot down and although my top end speed has improved I couldn’t compete riding in at the back of the pack.

In review my acceleration has improved so I can close gaps better, my top end has improved so I can stay in contact when the pace is hot. I still need to be brave enough to risk having a dig though as I still cannot really sprint. A good training session ahead of the Crit champs that also highlighted it is different from Road racing and I need to remember that.


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