MSTina Redhill CC RR

So I’m doing the entire series this year as I thought it would help me focus for the entire year. It is helping.

After 4 rounds

A –
1. Sean O’Regan, PMR Toachim House, 42pts

2. Mark Shepherd, Banjo Cycles, 29pts

3. Malcolm Jeffries, Colourtech RT, 28pts

4. Matt Pumo, Verulam CC, 19pts

5. Andy Hibberd, North Hants RC, 16pts

Today’s race was a quieter affair but of course Sean was racing so that meant I had to be aware of his movements. Aware yes but also look after my own interests. That means I am still looking for chances to get away and get a win. Race was fast from the start so not sure exactly where I tried to get away with Steve Dring. This failed as I still can’t jump well enough and I brought everyone back to him. Told him if he went again I wouldn’t try and would you believe 5 of them went up the road?(They were never seen again) Being of my word I just sat at the back thinking I would try something later on.

Around lap 6 another 3 went up the road so I thought that was enough and moved to the front and tried to get things move things on. Did some big turns on the front but so few people wanted to work but had the energy for small digs so I had a few digs myself but nothing stuck.

As we recovered and rolled onto the last lap I found myself sat second wheel moving at a steady pace. A chap rolled through and I took his wheel and then I was on the front. After about 30 seconds I looked back and saw I had a small gap so I kicked again for about 30 seconds and had another look. Seeing I was clear I buried myself big style. The next clue I was clear was when the lead car pulled over to let me through.(2 cars one with the real leaders and one for the peloton) The hurt was really on now and my effort was around 10mile effort. I caught one of the 2nd breakaway quickly and pushed on. As I approached the last climb I saw the other 2 from that breakaway and they jumped on my wheel. Not being 100% sure where the finish was I hoped they would help me but lacking any pace I was straight through and kicking hard as I saw the finish. The 2 chaps who had grabbed my wheel shot through and raced for the line. I drove in finishing 8th overall and as it turns out 2nd A.

Reflection on this is just how happy I am with the effort in those last 5 miles. It has been a hard season and this is going to be a season highlight.

I do however still need to learn to accelerate faster!!!


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