A weekend without a roadrace

Seriously it happened!!!

Of course that doesn’t mean I did nothing as I traveled to Newmarket for E2/25 and a short 54. 

I failed to be honest and rode a long 54. Not a disaster but not a good ride for a few reasons. Mainly I could not settle in my seat so some adjustments are needed there and the other reason of note is this, my focus has been on the road racing and track so lots of efforts X long but nothing really long. This was only my 2nd 25 of the year and it showed as I have just not been doing the hour long efforts. 

I have entered a 50 and my only hope really is that I can get my position sorted so I am comfy.

Went to track last night and had one of my best evenings yet. With the improvements to my basic acceleration and slightly improved top end I am now managing to compete in some of the other events. Doesn’t change the fact that my main focus is the 20km.

Last nights 20km was funny as there were not many A riders and lots of B riders. 17 started and for a while it stayed that way. After about 15 laps people had dropped off and after Ians puncture we were left with 3A and 4B. This is my worst nightmare as I usually rely on getting away with the larger A group to secure my points. As the laps ticked down there were various attempts by people to get away but these were closed down. A last bash by Tom turned out to be fatal for him and this left 6 of us on the back straight. Having managed to get off the front I tucked in behind the 3A riders and buried myself hanging on for 4th overall and importantly 1st B :¬)

A good nights work and don’t I know it today :¬)   


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