MSTINA Race 6 The Dave Griffith Memorial

MSTINA Race 6 The Dave Griffith Memorial or unusually the view from the front. 

First though some details. In case you missed it I crashed out at the nationals after about 60 miles. The only saving grace ahead of Sunday was I had not done a Kamikaze 5 miles at the end and killed myself.  Sunday morning I was not walking too well so it was with some trepidation I arrived in Ottershaw where I bumped into Sean O’Regan and we had a laugh about the state I was in. I duly rolled up and down the road and declared myself fit to race. It was pretty touch and go and at this point I was just thinking make it to the end.

The DG is lots of laps of a short lumpy circuit, I say lumpy as the first few laps it felt flat but by lap 9 the lumps were mountains.

As we rolled to the start I was struggling to stay with the neutralised peloton my aching shoulders and legs just wanted to stop but as the event started I soon forgot about that. Got to love a little adrenalin.

From the gun Chris Beales was off the front where he stayed for most of the first 2 laps. He was caught with 11 to go so Sean O’Regan had a pop and I went with him.(All I could think was are you mad ??!!) We were soon caught and then the following lap Steve Kay went. I can’t believe this but I chased again. As we hit the bottom corner John Alderman said we were clear. Briefly 7 of us but Justin Lord found the pace a little tough.

As we went through the lap marker it said 10 to go. 10 TO GO !!!! This was a different pain but John Alderman, Martin O’Grady,  Sean O’Regan, Steve Kay, Paul Crook and I were men on a misson. There was a crash here I believe but being behind me I know very little about it. For the next 7 laps we rolled through and off continually with our only frustration being that for a while we didn’t have time gap information. I laugh now as it probably kept us all going.

With 3 to go it was obvious Steve and I were suffering and I was concerned I wasn’t doing my share. Martin summed it up with a simple we can carry you just don’t contest the sprint. I could be fresh as a daisy try my best and not contest a sprint I am that bad. As it was I came through whenever I could and the gap kept getting bigger. 

It wasn’t really until the final lap that the games started and I found that I was spending more time on the front as the racers got ready to contest the finish. Taking the last turn Steve and I duly sat at the back allowing the two As Sean and Paul plus the 2 Cs Martin and John to race. Amusingly once they were gone Steve and I had our own race for the line with me doing a full on track sprinter bike push to nick 4th by a tyre. 

What a day, good marshals, good road surface and I finally got in the right breakaway rather than being the frustrated chaser.

Turns out I need to thank people from PMR, GS Vecchi and Vermulan CC for disrupting the bunch which helped us stay away.

When I parked my bike up I was in so much pain I could barely get off. Limping around afterwards it must have been hard to believe I had raced never mind been in the breakaway. I know the lady in the kitchen thought I was one of the guys who crashed.

Looking forward to the next one. 


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