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I have been to France, crashed my bike and climbed mountains. Once more pretty awesome although strange without Rach being there. Even though I couldn’t stay there I was well looked after by Lynne and Alan from Le Velo Jaune which is the best B&B in Bourg d’ Oisains. My fault for not booking in early.

Came back in time to do a 50mile TT which was a bad idea. How so ? Went out Saturday to set the bike up and struggled to get my legs spinning(75rpm felt fast). Come Sunday things had not improved so I bailed. First time on a TT bike that I have just stopped but it seemed pointless. Lesson here is I need more than 2 days to get my legs back after mountains.

Actually turns out the correct number is 3, that and some track racing on a fixed gear bike. To explain, turned up thinking it could be a short night but during the 10 lap scratch my legs got better and better. I then surprised everyone and got into a sprint final before getting into trouble for coming out of my lane and withdrawing. After some heated words and a desire to quit I calmed down and decided I would do the 20km. It was a good job I did as later in the race having missed the breakaway Ian offered me a lead out that almost certainly helped me win the B string. I did apologise to people at the end of the night.

The rest of the week I have been training and working far too much !!!!!!!!!!!


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