A little bit of Racing

After the rest day the plan was to do a little racing starting with the Derny Fest at Reading. Going into the event I was not sure about my views on Derny racing. It took me about 4 laps to realise that I just don’t enjoy it. Pulled off, had a coughing fit and withdrew from the rest of the event.

Hard to explain it really but in simple English, motorbikes should race other motorbikes and cyclists should race cyclists. I just don’t like the mix. As much as I like 2 strokes I don’t enjoy the fumes in my face.

Sunday and I had an entry for H25/8 and god sent along the wind, ended up with a 58.26 which time wise was very disappointing but the effort felt pretty good. Finished 23rd which I believe was better than my seeding suggested.

That afternoon Andy was riding a 10 at Castle Coombe so I thought I would go along and support him, I did it with my bike and entered the TT :¬)  Effort was off the chart from mile one and I finished 3rd missing the win by 16 seconds. Anyone think the 25 in the morning may have impacted this ?

Of course this brings us smoothly to Monday night and track league. Every week we try to mess with the young lads and I end up out from as a great leadout man so this week a quick chat with Nick and a plan. Tested the plan by going off the front and being followed by Josh. Dropped to the back and spoke to Nick. I then rolled towards the front, Josh followed and Nick went like hell. I sat in and got him a gap. Josh, Hugh and Matt then kicked on to try and shut Nick down, I gave chase and with a lap to go got back to the front where I could control the pace again. This bought Nick more time and he buried himself and got the win. It was nice to do something different and work as part of a team. I skipped the Keirin and got ready for the Kilo. Frankly my Kilo was poor, better start but poor bends and no real drive for the line. Ended up with a time similar to the last one.  Wasn’t ready for the Devil and used the Unknown to get ready for the 20km.

For anyone who has missed it I have found myself leading the B string 20km and now the pressure is on to stay there. Simply put I ride against everyone and look to make sure I am with the A string riders when the race really kicks off. This week was no exception,24 started and the initial pace was easy before starting to kick off around 30 laps to go. This initial burst got rid of a few riders but I was able to move easily with the break. A few laps latter and a group of 5 went away. I did 2 laps on the front to shut it down and suddenly it became apparent there only 11 of us left together, not long later it was 7. With 16 laps to go I could have sat up as we had lapped the only other B rider who was still going but I wanted to race. With 10 or so to go Nick and Matt got away, looking at it now Joe Crolla kicking on and messing with the pace probably helped his team mates stay away as we (the 5) never got a smooth rhythm. I had a dig on the last lap but was swept up by the 4 so in the end I was 7th but first B.

Looking forward I have a lot of racing to do and I really need to stay on it, the only negative in my world is my weight and it is a conundrum as I am at my winter weight without my winter belly or face.   Bugger or what ?


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