LVRC Track Nationals at Newport

New tires and a positive mentality were soon replaced by doom and gloom as I couldn’t warm up properly due to my tires not gripping the boards. This meant a DNS from my first event so I was left watching and thinking of what might have been. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t winning but I would not have been the slowest.

Rach being Rach disappeared and came came back with more sandpaper, a change of wheels and a good rub later and out I went for my points race. Sitting on the back until I felt confident I tried to adjust for the speed and all was going ok until I heard a pinging noise. Thinking a spoke had broken I pulled off and discovered it was a magnet so a quick fix and out I went again. Once back up to speed in the bunch I thought it was time to have a good so moved from the back jumping across 2 groups and then off the front. Went as hard as I could but could not get beyond half a lap. I did get the 5 points for the sprint so not all bad. That was about as good as it got as with 3 laps to go I found myself on the wrong wheel when the kick happened.

A day that started badly ended badly – BUGGER !!!!

My afternoon was spent watching the sprints and I must admit some of the racing was fantastic.

Day2 had me again with plans to be early, warm up and nail a pursuit. It didn’t happen for various reasons and I ended up riding the pursuit on my scratch racing wheels not the pursuit kit. I was very disappointed with this and to be honest I sulked sitting alone wondering why I was there. I got so down I misread the race schedule and removed my TT bars BEFORE the TT!!!! Having spent a long time getting the bike set up I ended up riding the TT on normal bars. A huge error that again cost me. More misery and more depression and frankly more sulking. At this point I just wanted to go home but there was still the scratch race and Ian had been doing rather well at everything so getting Rach to leave early was never going to happen.

I went into the scratch race knowing I could hold wheels and speed but was surprised by the continual speed and attacking, the race winning break came on lap2 and how they rode away given the speed we were going still has me stunned even now. Eventually the breakaway caught us up but the attacking carried on, I even had a few digs myself but never got the right companion for the jump. With 2 laps to go I made a mistake by rolling off the front and going too far back. Everything kicked off and I got gapped with a few others. The only good news was Ian won the bunch sprint and with 3 As a lap up it turned out Ian had won the Bs. It was worth staying just to see that.

We watched a bit longer and saw some medal ceremonies before heading home.

On reflection a very disappointing weekend on a number of levels but that cannot detract from what was a brilliant event.

Steve and his team did a great job of the entire event and like so many others I am prepared to pay more to allow this event to carry on.


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