The moment you realise that too much time has gone by……

Yes indeed it has been too long since my last blog but here we go. 

LVRC TT – I rode hard and put out good power, made one mistake and that was not low enough gearing so I had to stamp up a few of the climbs. I did my best and was happy with my ride. 

CycloX – I have been improving steadily and got my best result in the last round I could attend of the BanjoCycles Supermarine Flootlight league. I am more concerned with the fact I am enjoying it and may get another bike than I am about my rather ropey bike handling skills. A funny statement really as on the road I consider myself to have pretty good bike skills. 

My season is over as I sit here writing this blog from Le Velo Jaune in the wonderful Alps, I have no training goals to worry about and am riding my bike up hills just because I can. 8 hrs in 3 days is nothing too silly really. 

More interesting is that I went running this evening, along to Venosc where Rach and I use to run. Having started out with a 5 or 6 km intention I hit an old friend and that was that, runner mode on and I wasn’t stopping until I reached the top. By the time I got home I had done nearly 5.5 miles. All is good right now and I really enjoyed the run. I have a feeling I could be in all sorts of pain tomorrow though :¬0 


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