StopTober and GoVember

Yes like so many I claim to have a down month in October.

Still 32 hours on the bike although badly inflated by 19 hours in 8 days in France. Also did 10hrs/71miles of running which is my highest of the year.

Resting was often and I have barely trained in the morning so when I popped out on a Thursday with the lads and was excited to be riding I knew I was ready yo train again.

Other events going on

CycloX, already blogged about and I am still hooked which is cool. Doing this without the training around it seems to work quite well for me and I really enjoy the 50 mins of pain.

Newport Winter track league, racing as a C which is wrong but their choice as I only accredited this year. I have had a number of wins but largely the C league is not challenging with maybe just 4 or 5 of us racing. This week I raced in the B league, big fields and a few mistakes meant no wins but I was at the sharp end proving I belong there. With that in mind I have already entered the spring league as a B.

Running, you saw above I did my highest month of the year and it was not high. The winter plan is always to let my inner runner out to play at parkrun. I have set a few lax targets and I am sure there will be a report about my baseline run. I am actually going to run hard this morning in my last run as a 42 year old !!!

Diet, the coffee plan has started. More a clean up than a diet as I have no desire to move my winter weight to a higher number.

The month ahead, obviously my birthday which will be a pizza night :¬) Then there will be my parkrun benchmark.

Overall I expect more running and more gym work as I put the power down. Cycling, I have a feeling it will be similar miles to October but a few hours less but we shall see as I am keen and feel ready.

No matter what though it will still not be a silly high month, the real training starts in January!

I need to talk about next years targets at some point and wrap up this year.


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