More CycloX

but before that a little bit of track.

Sadly I am in the C league in Wales until January. I say sadly as it seems my presence upsets people. I don’t win all the time but I work hard either way I am not popular. The reality is I would rather be in B but when I signed up they said oh new accreditation go in C.
Week1 I was told I would be moved to B but it was full so I was stuck in C then on a week only 6 turned up so I was in B then I was back in C. It is frustrating and so I made the decision to just stay in C so I can just ride track. This just upset people more. January cannot come soon enough.

CycloX has me hooked, I now find I have bike envy, wheel envy, drive chain envy. I shall however be completing the season on the bike I have. I think the most amazing thing is that next year I am contemplating a mid season break so I can push my training on for an extra month.

Why? At the most basic level I have watched myself become a little less fit as my rest period has gone on and although I can take it now I know that my desire to compete will see me wishing to be in better shape in 2014.

Oh I am now training again but of course it has the same initial impact as not training.

Performance suffers :¬) Hopefully December will be my friend !!


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