Finally had a crash on the track

AKA Gash Watch

Since starting at the Winter track league in Newport there has been a view that at some point a certain young man will cause a crash. During the first few weeks it is safe to say he was spoken to more than once and sometimes it was pretty colourful BUT although close nobody ever went down. Then about 3 weeks ago a couple of fast lads joined us and his riding changed, observation and motivation changed everything about his riding and I was impressed. I even told him and his mother so.

Sadly for reasons only known to him as soon as the lads were gone so were his observation skills so even before my incident there were moments and then while in a breakaway racing him there was an incident that caused me to drop back from him I then buried myself and coming round the bend with 2 laps to go he moved up slightly I went low, he then dropped down again sp I moved up to pass and he moved again. Too late for me this time as I was along side his back wheel and then I was board surfing. Strangely as I sat there knowing I was ok there was another crash at the other end of the track. I just told everyone I was ok as was my bike so they could help the others.

The end result has been gash watch

Image Day 1

Image Day 2

Image Day 3

healing nicely really but my hip feels like it has a tennis ball in it and I have whip last.

Here is my suit


Heading to the bin I fear.

Hey ho I can run and I can ride so not going to get too stressed.

A plus was a parent whose children race was quite bike sharp and gave me some great advice about my chain and now my rear wheel spins easier.

I made the startline of the other 2 races, pain yes but I wasn’t stopping :¬)


CYCLO X on Sunday and back to the western league, the only thing that will stop me is neck movement but as that improves daily I expect to ride.

Onwards …….



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