The Turbo trainer and some other stuff

It is not that I hate it I just don’t enjoy it. This morning I tried to think about why. Basically I don’t like the fact that so little effort takes so much effort. How is that for a contradiction ?Spinning away at 80+ rpm my HR is in the 90s and yet my legs for no real reason are unhappy!!!

The penny dropped a little and brings me to the reason why I am on the turbo. I am riding my TT bike which is set up in my 2014 position and to be honest it feels all wrong. A mistake I made last year was to spend too much of the year playing with my position so this year the first set up session has been done and now I will ride it on a Friday with plans to do longer efforts and longer sessions.

In 2014 the TT bike has to be ready as does the user from the start of the TT year.

South of England Cyclo X at the RAL in Harwell.

Firstly Dunko and Didcot Phoenix did a great job of organising the event. Marshals and facilities were excellent. That said I had heard nothing good about the course, in fact the only thing I had heard about was the hill. Oh it was a hill and it had steps. That said the course itself was very fast and not very technical. In a strange way probably good for me.  Rode hard from the start and spent my race basically swapping paint with a chap from Bicester which kept me honest, 28th V40 was good but being lapped was bad.One of my goals for next season is not to get lapped in any CX races. Rather than seeing not being lapped as a good day it should be a normal day. I hope the chap who crashed was ok.

Running has been going on ok and I have done my first 10 miler of 2013, there is still a concern around my weight and to be honest I am running out of time to sort it !!!Finally, Rach and I are back in the gym training together, this is good news and means that Rach will get out a bit, I may even do some swimming :¬0


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