Journeys end…..

What started as a conversation with Towers over a meal ended in a non event. Three months of training including hitting the right numbers over 10km and God deemed to drop so much rain on the UK it is sinking which in turn means that the Wokie Cokie was cancelled..

To say I am gutted is an understatement but I am more gutted for Towers as her training has been going very well and chances to have a pacer at the sort of speeds she runs don’t come up every day. Looking at me I have built the mileage up slowly to far more than expected and my ankle has been pretty good. Yes I have a slight back issue(MRI coming) but all in all I am lighter than I have been in a long time and was ready to pace at 6.17 per mile(1.22.30). 

The strangest thing is that I have had no personal running aspirations during this period at all. My prep has been build some volume and do a couple of key speed sessions. So in build up for the 10km we ran 2 x 5kms at speed then the 10km. JOB DONE 37.46 or so. As a person who knows you race the course I probably should have kicked to get us on the markers but I really believed the course would come back but as this didn’t happen I was left with a perfect paced run on the watch and some 16 seconds of ground to cover like a loony. My error!!!!

So what about the half? Everything was based on volume with the weekly “long run”(11 mile over time effort) being key along with a small assumption that given the right 10km pace the half would take care of itself. It is a system I believe in and it allowed me to do fun speedwork with “Newbury Runners” and protect my legs although I guess in the past I would have done a little more fast running.(analysis needed)  A blast out at Southampton parkrun saw Towers get an all time 5km PB on a course I didn’t think was that fast and although I had some back issues I ran my fastest time for almost a year. Largely good signs. 

Race week saw my only running at HMP with 2 x 1km sections of the weekly 11 done at pace, first km was a disaster as I set off at 6mm(10km pace) and spent the km trying to calm down but the 2nd was a reminder of how the machine worked and jogging back the last section with Andy I was confident I was ready.  I think I said my usual sort of comment “it’s only 2.45 marathon pace for 13.1 miles, how hard can it be?”

I had just come in from my easy run on Friday lunchtime and was posting about how ready I was when Rog commented on facebook that the race was cancelled. I can honestly say my entire afternoon was ruined. It has been a long time since I was so disappointed to miss a running race.

So what happens now?

Yesterday was the 2nd anniversary of Newbury parkrun and I dressed to race, no idea why really as I wasn’t really up for it. Car park kept me busy, talking kept me busy, my back being a little sore kept me busy. I was all set not to run and Mikey said why not pace me for a km? Now that I can do so using the most rapid dynamic warm up I appeared on the line when the rain came. In the end I dropped Mikey at half way in 8.59 and for the first time in a long time it was all about me. Ran as hard as I felt I could into a horrid wind and got home in 18.26 and only 4 seconds behind Mikey. My fastest time for a year on a dire day when I lacked a little jump to start. Funny old game running.

So what now ? I seemed to have agreed to run the Eastleigh 10km with Towers and I think she has some silly idea about running Wokingham in 2015. Ok I see no issue with Eastleigh and I admit I will run a little more this year than last but Wokie next year seems a scary thought.  I guess we shall see.

More immediately it is about my back and planning my cycling race season but interestingly I do have my own running goal for 2014. I want a 17.xx 5km AGAIN.

It would seem this journey is not over after all

To be continued…………


Oh and the silver lining is I get to be fresh for my Omnium …..



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