Eastleigh 10km and some actual effort from me

Promised I would blog more so here we go.

Last Sunday it was time to see if we could lower Kates 10km PB, simply plan 37.20 –  37.30. Eastleigh is another of the famed fast courses so perfect for the effort. It was a lovely day and even with Kate having done 21 miles the days before I was confident the job would be done. We warmed up together and I knew I was ready, I think as is the way Kate was apprehensive. Unlike Stubby in Jan I was fitter, lighter and stronger so more than ready to be useful from the very start. All went well and as we approached the only climb the splits were all between 3.40 and 3.45. The climb went well, longer than I expected and time was lost but it was all made up on the descent. We hit half way in 18.45. Pushing on with the wind behind we made more time up and coming up to 8kms we were inside 30 mins. The last 2kms were into the wind and at this point Kates 21 miler was there for sure as she struggled to stay close to me but she went as hard as she could I we were happy to see 37.30 on the line. What can I say beyond very impressive mentally and physically, not many people will have run a 21 miler the day before!!!!

Without my long Sunday I was keen to go out Monday and persuaded Andy to join me for an easy ride round Streatley, spot the contradiction there. That said we rode smart but even so my new lighter me still got a PB for the TT course up the hill. More good training on Tuesday saw Bradders and some good short reps at the track on Tuesday night, this was interesting as I was riding my race bike which I had fitted my power meter to. I may just surprise a few people this year(MAYBE). I don’t ride on a Wednesday in winter as I keep it for running, met Nige in the morning for a jog and a chat, really enjoy these runs and with TT season here we shall move the to Tuesday but keep the in there. Intervals in the evening with the PMSL part of Newbury runners(politics are a pain but life goes on). This was my last guaranteed session as TTs start next week so I brought a special session for everyone with a 171 pyramid, I am sure everyone loved it !!!! :¬) Started to notice I was not 100% on Thursday so took the morning ride easy with Ian and Andy and rode back what I thought was sensibly but shows how good I feel as the 30 min power again was good for the control exhibited. Got the track bike out in the PM, not sure how much I got from that session but it got me on the track. That said I came back feel rough so decided to take my first rest day in about 6 weeks.

Staying in bed late is strange when you are awake early but I wasn’t so instantly knew I had made a good choice, lunchtime food club and driving to MiniGs in the evening made sure that no matter what there was no changing my mind. At this point we could discuss rest days v easy days but lets leave it at I take a full day off if and when I feel I need it which is not that often.

Conveniently that brings us to today, it was always my plan to go to Peterborough parkrun and I had actually looked at doing this when I ran 17.29 at Kings Lynn the last time I was here but more time keeping and a lack of knowledge stopped me going, this time I had done my research was up early feeling better and ready to go. I wanted to be there early to get some miles in. I shall confess that some of this was because I had eaten so much on my rest day but mainly it was to look at the course and decide if today was going to be a pre Poole hammer down run. Warming up at an easy pace felt fine but 2 efforts around 3.30km pace had me thinking that today was not the day. I did nearly 5 miles in the end though so I knew I had warmed up. Walking to the start I clocked Aaron Scott who is hoping to go sub 2.17 in the marathon and a couple of other quicker runners but still wasn’t sure what to do. Bang and we were off, straight away I jumped in behind a chap called Mike from Nene Valley before glancing at the gamin seeing 3.13 pace and backing down, only a little and that was it I was racing. 3.23 and the first km felt easy so I was encouraged to keep going after Mike, 3.23 2nd km and still I felt fine, 3rd km was a tough as I became aware of a headwind and the fact I was isolated and alone in 3rd but still it was 3.25, hitting the bridge close to 4kms I was finally in trouble as I came over the top the asthmatic hooker had entered the building. Useful really while lapping people as they heard me coming. 4kms was also 3.25 and now I knew it was on. The other runners were very encouraging and gave me plenty of room and I battered myself all the way to the line 16.59 and a 3.16 last km. Only the 4th 5km course I have gone sub 17 on which was something I didn’t realise until I checked.

I have to be honest I am gobsmacked that I have dropped the weight and found some leg speed but I like it. I did mention to Andy that if I ran a sub 17 I may have to enter a 10km(wonder if I can fit the Bayer into my schedule) to see what I can do. I won’t do any other running training and I may even do less as the cycling kicks off but I am indeed curious to see what I really have in the locker now. I need to thank KateT for asking me to help her which was the catalyst for miles and dropping some weight, the PMSL group for coming training and getting me to wreck myself doing reps so they feel better knowing I am dying too.

The biggest thing has really been the weight loss (Manorexia someone called it). I am now the weight I was when running at my best in 2008. I had started to drop weight through January but events in Feb spurred me on a great deal, not positively at first but as I realised I had a chance to build a new life in a positive way things really improved. Currently I train more and eat better so the weight loss has been contained but more importantly I am enjoying life.

So about that 10km Andy….. 


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