Poole parkrun and a slimline runner

It’s all about me me me me me

I ran 16.45 at Poole on Saturday, I was paced by Steve Way who was not even at marathon pace. Funny experience really as usually I am the casual one doing the pacing.

Somebody asked me if it made a difference so I thought about it…… For 4kms no it didn’t as I pretty much ran 3.22 per km which was what I planned to run but from 4kms Steve slowly increased the pace and encouraged me to work off him. It was huge and therefore it was like having company for 4kms then a rabbit to chase to the line(sorry Steve for calling you a rabbit).

Each time I run a last km like this I am convinced I can go a little bit faster so an attempted at sub 16.37 has to be next. To explain 16.37, it is the time I ran as an 18 year old purely by being a teenager and to run faster age 43 would be a great achievement and possibly see my WAVA score cross the 84% line.

People have asked me how I have done this on the little running I do and the obvious lack of speedwork so here is the best explanation I can think of without overly digging up the last 2 months again.

I have lost 10kgs since January the 2nd, 40-50 miles a week it seems is quite enough miles aerobically to run a solid 5km and without back pain means I can hold a good pace. All my running is controlled to certain heart rates except on a Wednesday evening where I have been doing intervals with “Newbury Runners/PMSL facebook group. These have really helped, at first I was holding back a lot but week by week I have pushed harder and harder and in the last few weeks before I stopped for TT season I was running down in the low to mid 4min miles for up to about 45 seconds but repeating the pace rep after rep. Finally I have a belief that says the engine is an engine so the hours of cycling have obviously served me well.

What now ? I promised Andy I would enter a 10km if I ran a 16.xx, I have run two so entered the Bayer 10km on May 25(I think). I will run flat out but there will be no extra training for it and it is more likely my running volume will drop off now due to my biking commitments but I shall still be “giving it all she’s got Captain” as has
been said by a certain engineer.

Can I run faster over 5km ? Maybe but I am not prepared to do anything more specific or any extra run training. If I drop a few more KGs I may go quicker but sat around 70kgs I am eating more to keep it there or thereabouts.

Are there marathons as has been asked ? NO, simply put I am getting away with what I am doing but I do not want to push my luck. My back is still my back and that ankle still needs plenty of rest.

I am a cyclist


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