More numbers but this time it’s training

So the best thing about logging training is looking at the numbers so here they are

Running time in hours  23:46:36 and miles run 181.1, this is the second highest since the return
Bike time in hours 67:56:33 and the miles 1,126.5, this is the highest ever total for me on a bike

I did think at this point I should talk about feet climbing due to being in France, over 51000 feet in the week around Alpe d’Huez, the previous blog talks about the climbs of AdH running and cycling.

Gym time of only 22:00 MINUTES means my lack of core work/upper body training is a slight concern to address this month. The bike and run work is keeping me in check but I don’t want to be complacent.

This gave me an overall total of 92.05 hours which is my highest ever by a long way and not something I expect to see every month. Inside this was my first training week over 30 hours

Below are some more numbers for you to read.

Rest days 0  but this is not that unusual really
parkrun sub 17s 3 in a row, no pbs but they are my fastest times since the 2nd leg break and being told to find a new hobby. Oh yeah and my WAVA for 5km is higher than my all time PB
Races entered, just the one but I am curious to see what I can really do over 10km given my 5km form

Finally we get to my Weight which is 69.6kgs, this was a stabilise month but achieved by eating shit loads due to heavy training rather than control so when volume drops I may have challenges. We shall see as I expect this month to be more like 60/70 hours.

To sum up the month

Health and fitness – Awesome really, my riding is strong, my running is strong and my weight is stable. You can’t ask for any more than that.

Mental state – Vastly improved but not perfect, there are things I still don’t understand and they trouble me sometimes

Daughter – Delighted to say I am seeing her more and we are largely getting on well, we did have our first moody teenager moment during my visit but I am confident these are moments rather than a trend as she was pretty good fun to be around, Scarlextric is more fun than bowling and that is a fact.

Work – Took a kicking for something I did due to letting my private life upset me and have apologised to people. It will take a bit of time to get this situation recovered but I have started the process, disappointed in myself really for dropping my guard but nobody is perfect.

The future looks pretty good and I am excited about a number of things.

Watch this space as I am sure there will be a blog or two along the way.


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