Buses, hills and races

So it is time to tell a little story about a man who rides a bike not just sometimes but often, he also rides a motorbike so he knows a little bit about filtering and where to sit in traffic. That man is me but last Thursday I got it wrong, not just a little bit but totally wrong and rode straight into the back of a bright yellow double decker.

Simply put I was too close to the bus and too near the centre and I paid as he braked quickly and I hit him with my face before landing splat on the floor. Mainly I felt silly and with no damage to the bike so I rode home.

Sadly I have since discovered that I hurt my neck and shoulders but more on that later.

Took Andy to Exmoor to do a few days of training on the 70.3 course. We arrived on a lovely Friday morning with a simple plan of 2 laps of the course broken down into an easy lap then Andy putting down an effort to see what we could predict for his complete ride. After we finished his ride was analyzed and we looked at how he could improve but all in all pretty successful, after lunch we ran round the lake with Andy at race effort. All in all a good first day of training, in the evening we went to see Sabotage and it was DIRE, total and utter RUBBISH, just don’t do it people.

Saturday was a trip to Taunton parkrun for a maximal effort on knackered legs, went to the front and just asked who was doing what and tagged on with the chap who often wins, ran 2 very good KMS then suffered for 2 KMS before finishing very strong. Ended up with a 17.21, Andy didn’t run HMP but instead also wet faster than expected. We followed this up with a ride up Cheddar Gorge, this was really just marking a location off to say we had been there. After 45 mins we turned back and the rain came in. Brutal really and I can honestly say Cheddar Gorge was quite a disappointment.

Probably a little mad but all this was done ahead of a 50 mile TT which for Andy went well and for me I discovered that the bus crash had messed me up. Within 10 mins I knew I could not hold my TT position and given the conditions(windy) I was in a lot of trouble. I kept going but spent less and less time on the TT bars so after 30 plus miles I pulled off. A poor day and in reality I need to do a 50 as I think that is 3 times in a row I have DNF’d in a 50 and twice on this course.

The neck/shoulder issue has dictated my week and ruled out track on Monday, which got abandoned due to rain but not before the pursuit was done :¬( and no TT on Wednesday but I did ride for another 90 mins and do some marshaling. International rescue was activated as Andy and Gary had mechanicals.

The one thing that I could do was run so Thursday evening my tired legs joined Em at the Dinton Pastures 5/10km series. I told nobody I was doing this but arrived to see Teressa and others so my attendance went viral pretty quickly. I didn’t tell anyone as I really wasn’t sure what I would do. I ran the course to warm up and spoke to a few lads to see what pace they were doing and decided to go out at 3.30km pace.

Race went well from the start although 3.30per km was a little beyond me, as I settled in 3rd overall the 2 young lads did not get away and by 3kms I was the 2nd runner on the road going through half way in 17.56. I TTd the 2nd half of the course and from 7kms my legs started to suffer a little but my pace stayed solid.

Came home 1st in 36.06 winning by around 2 mins, must admit I don’t like positive splits but that was 2 fast kms at the start and a bit of show boating to the finish.

A few more days have passed now and I had a poor TT at the weekend (neck lasted 16 miles) and a mechanical DNF on Sunday. I may blog in more detail on these but for now I have some demons to deal with.


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