what’s going on ?

Where to start ?

The Dragon 2 day. I love this event so enter every year. Gutted to say for the 2nd year in a row I didn’t finish the race.

Stage 1 was an unhill TT and I was towards the sharp end, 7th overall and very pleased once I saw the results, initially thought it was poor looking at time but the headwind had smashed everyone up.

Stage 2 I failed to make the break and one chap rode away, I was animated all day but never got a good group away and never got away, lost out in the sprint obviously.

Stage 3 was calm for a bit and then spikey, initially I stayed out of it but only for a lap or so. 4 of us tried to light the race at various points without success and then with a lap to go I punctured. Gutted as no service car meant no result. This is sad as I was looking at top 10 overall and possibly 2nd in my category.

After the Wales trip it was straight home and pack before heading to the airport to get to Mallorca. Now depending on your point of view I was on a training holiday with a wedding thrown in or at a wedding with a training holiday thrown in. Either was I can’t thank Matt and Sam enough for inviting Em and I to the big day.

The trip by numbers
20.40hrs on the bike
03.30hrs on the legs
Even did some core
Top ride had 8500feet of climbing in it
Longest was a tap over 63 miles
I got some Strava Koms
There is some video to come of the descents

Importantly I attended 1 wedding of 2 of my friends, must admit it was the nicest wedding I have ever attended and I wish them well.

I could talk about getting home and a day spent in SLAGALOOF but I cant be arsed.

Oh Mallorca is worth a visit and I think Em and I will go back.

I could talk about a week at work where I am not exactly happy right now but why bother.

I could talk about lots of other things but and this is the problem with not blogging I reach can’t be arse


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