e2/25 and all that Jazz

Last weekend I headed to Lincolnshire with Em for a whole host of reasons.

1. meet her parents
2. spend good time with MiniG
3. ride a small TT at a good pace on the E2
4. see the tour

So lets review:

Made the tour on Monday but not Sunday, MiniG competed on the Friday and Saturday nights and was just too done in to travel to Yorkshire, once awake we went to Scalextrix again where more new cars were bought.

The actual trip to the tour with Morgan, Jaymi, Heather, Dave and Matt turned out to be a blinder as Mr Banjo got us passes to Specialized UK hospitality. Brilliant day indeed.

Met Ems parents, initial feedback was “he is loud”. Nice to see I have laid out the usual marker.

Onto the E2 and what I needed to do, ideally I wanted a 53 but a 54 would have put me in a position where I would have entered the national 25. Arrived early to prepare and made sure I spoke to people to find out about the course conditions. Then of course I got lost on the way to the start but fortunately I had put plenty of time in to extend my warm up down there anyway. Decided there and then to go out pretty hard and targeted 300 watts (a number I often ride around in a 10), my thinking was although quick back I couldn’t give up too much. TTing is not exciting really when it all goes to plan so in a nutshell I got it right getting to the turn in just under 29 mins and riding just under 24mins for the last 12 miles. Result was 52.52 and I went mental!! Good cool down and results scan showed it had been a good day and I had bagged a good ride. Finally something on a TT bike to be happy about. I went home and entered the national 25!!!

This week has been all about running as I prepped for the 3rd Dinton Pastures 10km. So having run 8 miles last week I did 11 on tour day, 11 on Tuesday, 5.5 on Wednesday and then came 2nd on knackered legs on the Thursday. Yes 2nd and yes knackered legs. My bike legs have been good but I really have suffered after Endure. The pain is gone but running at speed. Well put it this way at 6kms knowing he wasn’t coming back and knowing how clear I was I didn’t stress and ran a 36.30. 2nd is still good and the winner ran 35.05 so I wasn’t beating him on a good day. Not yet anyway!!

To close out I attended the NewburyRC hill climb last night, a good bit of fun indeed, prep is everything as I climbed and realised I had left certain spares etc on my heavy training bike. Still it was a course PB and 16 mins of suffering, I didn’t attend the social for a few reason but mainly as I had to go collect my bike from Morgans as he was prepping it for tomorrow.

Has been a tough few days as it is around that time of the month but the support of my friends has been invaluable. There will always be questions but I don’t expect answers and expect honesty even less. The good news is thanks to the new positivity my life it seems they matter less and less.

Surround yourself with positive people and be positive yourself, the world it seems is a better place that way and I for one LIKE IT !!!


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