Delivery on the F11

it has been a long time coming but finally a blog about an event that happened 9 days ago. Yes indeed I rode a 20.51 on the F11/10.

For the last 2 years this has been spoken about as the fastest course in the south and my PB has indeed been on it but my 2 rides before this one were total rubbish. First time I nearly blew up going up to 4 miles and rode 21.35 and then last year I traveled there once and in dire conditions I rode 21.37. I know that at both points they were bad times as in the weeks that followed I rode H10/17R which is a quick but not rocket course riding 21.36 and 21.4* respectively. Most people are the best part of 30 seconds if not a minute faster.

This year apart from a little crash on the Sunday at the Omloop I had prepared for the effort, backed off training and starting with one plan to go out hard I was ready.

Apart from the arm cuts being right on the pads my ride went to plan. A bit of shock on the early road surface but once smooth I was flowing well. A good bottom roundabout followed by a hard but well controlled effort up the drag saw me me descending at 120rpm(I left 53/11 on the bike as it is running well and I can spin) at around 45mph. (quick enough) I had a good turn and then it was just about getting home. It wasn’t super fast as I didn’t have a massive wind behind me but it was quick enough. Crossed the line and instantly realised how much pain I was in and pottered back to the HQ.

With a 20.xx I entered the national 10 :¬) I hope I get in but with it being on V718 I am still not 100% sure I will.

Ok it has been so long since I blogged I have more stuff to catch up on.

Reading GP – in all honesty I wish I had entered the 50 on the E2 but would probably not have got a ride. With dodgy weather prospects the 20km was moved forward and is the only event worth me talking about. Pace was very slow early on and I sat at the back with Nick English. After 20 or so laps Jason Streather popped off the front so I followed Nick and we tried to get away. I think we did 6 or 7 laps before a chap jumped over but sadly brought everyone else. There was another attempt with 3 or 4 to go that was chased down and that was my lot. Everything went off with 1.5 to go and I was spent. Did some good racing for no reward. The rest of my day was frankly worse than shit and knowing I was racing Sunday I just didn’t worry.

Thanks to Paul Gittings and his team for running the event. Still wish I had done the TT though :¬0

Hahaha racing Sunday – Newbury LVRC race, a great event excellently run by Matt and a team of people from NewburyRC.

Funny day as I started full of confidence with my new found climbing skills and generally better fitness and ended the day wondering why I bother road racing. Why is that? Early in the race I tried to get away a couple of times to no avail and then watched Connor ride away. No worries other were around. Steve Dring tried to get away so I jumped to gap taking some others. Exchanged words as I didn’t get much help bridging and then that was closed down. At this point I went and sat on the back and to my horror I watched Steve then Robin ride off the front. I’m not in the series this year but know enough to know you don’t let them ride away. After that we had periods of almost organised until the last lap when everyone decided to stop working so they could sprint for an indifferent position. All in all a disappointing day but I did get to see my climbing is quite smooth.

Afterwards it was the Newbury RC BBQ so I stayed around to chat to some friends before drifting away, I hope some of the tension in the air is going to drift away soon as well.

On the plus side I got up on Monday morning(didn’t train) and felt brilliant, told IanG if I claim tired legs at any point during track I am making excuses. Derny/Sprints night means a quiet one for me as I don’t Derny but I did get a scratch race and the first signs that my legs were fine and my limited top end was available. I spent a lot of time on the rollers through the night and was not off them long to do 2 laps of the track to be eliminated from the DEVIL. Due to running late it was then announced that the 20km was happening and no unknown distance.

Unlike Saturday this went off from lap 1, seems a few people thought it was the unknown distance and few wanted a shot at the cash prize sprint. After that everyone who had gone for it legged it and we just never stopped. There were a few digs and by the end only 6 of us were on the same lap. In the end I finished a happy 5th – Probably my best race as an A rider.

My final event of this blog is the Newbury RC TT on HCC248. I love this course, it is fast but it is also technical and that works for me. Having TTd better in recent weeks I agreed to go IanGs minute man. Everything on the ride went well apart from nearly losing the front and sitting the bike up, I awways just have a feeling I could go a little harder. Stats showed the HR and power were good. Crossing the line without being caught was brilliant, learning Ian had not had a mechanical made it better. Talking and studying the data afterwards tells me I will be put back in my place on a flat course very soon but for now I am happy.

That is a catch up for now as Paris and the final stage of Le Tour calls me. Taking the motorbike so there will be a blog soon.


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