Probation Periods

It is a well known fact that I don’t write very many serious blogs. To be fair I generally write about sport and how much fun I am having so it with a little apprehension that I am putting this together.

So I have resigned from my job, did it last week and technically I finish today. A very short period of time between resign and leave. This is the thing about the probation period, the termination period is small. If I had stayed there for 6 months then the resignation period was 3 months.

So here is the point, I think many people see this period being for the company to look at you to see if you are the right fit and if not they can get rid of you for very little financial penalty. Personally I see it as my chance to look at the company as well and that is what I did. I took a job that on paper/in interview sounded brillliant but I just didn’t fit. I knew pretty quickly really but gave myself time. I believe 10 weeks is long enough.

I could talk about the things that unsettled me in the last 3 months but they are personal, the point is that instead of staying put I made the decision to resign and move on. I did it for them but mainly  I did it for me.

I feel great this morning as I know I have made the right move. That said I am nervous and how do they say

Unemployed/Between opportunities/Available now

or as a famous man once said

Gis a job, I can do that !!!!


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