People keep saying age is just a number

Damn the number is getting big, I am 44 tomorrow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How and when did that happen ?

Em has pointed out that I am a lot calmer about ageing this year than I was last year, obviously looking back I think I had other things on my mind last year.

So much better that this year I knew I was getting a special present for 3 months and yet I didn’t know what it was. When did I find out ? Oh that was at my Halloween birthday party. It was done then for 2 reasons: 1 – it was 2 days before my present and some gifts were related. 2 – we were off to France (where I am now) on the 6th. I love it here in the Alps.

So with a Halloween theme and a selection of my friends Em produced gifts.

1. A Guantanamo outfit – seriously I own an ORANGE BOILER SUIT :¬)

2. A hat with Engine Driver – you can see where this is going ?

3. A letter telling me I was going to DRIVE A STEAM TRAIN !!!!!!

How cool is that ?

As with all good idea a plan was hatched so Wimpole parkrun on the Saturday morning followed by a CX race in Derby


Bloody hard course but had a good race riding through from the back. Once more the bike was pretty awesome and I can’t thank Morgan Jones/Banjo Cycles and RaceWareDirect enough for the ongoing support.

Saturday night I couldn’t stop grinning and to be honest I didn’t sleep much that night either, has been a long time since I have been this excited.

I smiled all day and was still grinning all the way into the evening.

I have had some special presents over the years but I don’t think anything will top this weekend.

Thanks Em, it has been a roller coaster year and your support has been amazing!!!!!!!



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