Just some stuff

So in no real order but it might be

CX Season – went very well really. Discovered early on I had good form in the dry. Fitness and some MTB work had given me some skills. Also discovered as soon as it was muddy I was still shit. :¬) Fortunately I improved all season with my most amusing memory being me deliberately travelling to races when the weather was shitty. Everyone knows I hate rain!!!! Finally getting to the nationals and from a seeding of 63 I finished 54th. I had no more to give I rode as best I could. In honesty the National Trophy and Nationals are a level too high but given I want to race at the highest standards it was worth it.

MTB riding – so after a crash last year, 2 cracked ribs oops I dealt with it by entering the 12 hour with Andy. We did ok but there was more crashing. This was followed by the 8hr as a 4 and the first trophy on an MTB as we secured 2nd in class. More training(having fun) and crashing followed while I trained on the MTB and the cross bike telling everyone the MTB was just a training tool. Funny that the week after the CX nationals I found myself on the start line at the Gorrick Spring series in the kids VETS race(3 laps rather than 4). In keeping with tradition my start was truly piss poor but once it was about riding my new confidence in the bike saw me ride through the field and finish 6th. MTB racing is just like CX racing which is good and bad news for me.

Road/TTs and thinking about 2015 – I still have goals but it is pretty obvious I have become an off road racer so all road work is to support my real goals.

Track – the new job will keep me away from Mondays at Reading, to be honest the new job is so good I could get home but why put myself through that Monday night atmosphere? I’m too old for that shit…… This means that track will be 3 or 4 indoor events where I am sure I will have to suffer her but I will have great support from Em and that means a lot. Pretty excited by track as I feel I have some new power to use. Ironically I may have power but due to the lack of track time I may suffer. As I said exciting but could be dire ……

Jobs – MBNL was a disaster TNT so far is awesome. Hotel life has diet and WIFI challenges, may well be time to buy a 4G dongle. I am hopeful that as FEB arrives I will be ready to really tie the diet down again. Don’t get me wrong I am not more than a kg or 2 from where I need to be for racing and it has been nice to enjoy a pretty normal life through Christmas. That said I have goals and a light me is a fast me.

parkrun – still enjoy them when I can and have some limited running goals for 2015 but nothing serious. I’m still not an RD, anyone with an IQ above 5 can work out why that hasn’t happened.

Triathlon – having come second overall at Newbury last year it looks like 2015 will see me do it again. I may even do a duathlon or something else….. Not sure about this swimming stuff though.

Finishing this off now I can say this about the last 12 months or so

Racing has been fun

I have been good health, good friends a lovely daughter.

I have received support from some strange places

I have been let down by others.

I can’t thank Em, Kate, Andy or Astrid enough for the support and wise words when I was stuggling

I am glad my daughter still talks to me even if I do try my best to embarrass her.

The lads, you know who you are. What a great year, lets do it again please :¬)


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