Those nice people from the LVRC

Ran an Omnium

Lets get to the point, I am rubbish. All things being equal I should not even enter this sort of thing as it is full of short intense efforts which I don’t do. I do it because I enjoy it and as long as I see progress I am happy. Sadly this year I turned up with the end of a cold and that was about to impact me quite badly.

Started with a scratch race, obviously I am there or thereabouts for the entire race with enough pace to close down most breaks but never managing to get away myself. 3 laps to go and then I am on the front. I went for home and supplied a big lead out but I don’t have the confidence to roll off and assume I can come back at people. – 10th and rather a lot of coughing

3km Pursuit – I had new bearing in my wheels and wanted to do well in this but I didn’t, poor start and although I was mentally in a better state than ever before and my lines were better I came home in 3.58.5 not the 3.49.X I was hoping for. I had asked Em to give me 4 lap splits based on my 3.54 PB(up or down) I was never up. Analysis afterwards show I was down around 30 watts !!! – So better bike, better lines worse health = crap really, 8th and coughing and unhappy but at least I knew I was ill

Elimination race – these are hero/zero races for me and today was no exception. With it being man out every lap it was safe to say the pace was going to hot and fortunately someone else had my plan and I got 3rd wheel on the inside and dragged round for a few laps. Starting to get worried about others coming over the top I moved to the front and hugged the black line riding the best tempo I could without going to pursuit depth where I would have died. I never looked back and just waited until my number was called kicking out the bend every lap (kick is relative for me) so anyone would have to work a bit off my tempo to get over the top. When they finally called my number I was 3rd !!!!! My best result in any Omnium event.

So ended day 1 with a smile and a desire for a good meal, Em had found a little pub so all was good.

It was obvious the next morning my health was improving, not great but better. Sadly day 2 is full of events I am just terrible at.

750metre TT – better start than the pursuit and 58.5, to be honest I was happy with this, turned out power was up which reflected in my RPM. Start was better but bad. Is the gear too big ? It might be but once moving I was riding 108cadence so  maybe I just need to get my starts sorted. Squats in the gym anyone ? 10th again

The note here was power up and less coughing BUT now the calf which played up at the Wokie Cokie was tender. I tried my best to keep it moving for the flying lap.

Flying lap – as I watched others I noticed lap after lap in the 16s, turned out 4th to last were separated by less than a second, sadly I was last. Answers a lot of questions as to why I struggle in the scratch and points races and why I keep trying to get away. Whereas I am thinking I may try a smaller gear for the 750 TT I am wondering if a larger gear for the flying lap may have helped…..

I was limping after this.

Points race – so there I was coughing less but with a calf that felt all wrong. When I go to a start line already in pain I know I am in trouble. Rode around for a few laps and then decided I needed to know, needed to know what exactly ? 3 laps out from the sprint is a lap too early if alone and yeap I got swamped on the bell. I also knew my leg was done. 51 laps of discomfort followed with me really just making up the numbers. Racing like that sucks but I couldn’t do anything. 9th I think but ready to go home.

All in all a frustrating weekend on a number of levels but comforting to know that my technique is better, I love being back on the Langster for the races. There is more to come from me. I do however need to train for the September event. You can only go so far and I am there. If I wanted to go to the LVRC twice a year I need to do 2 blocks of training for it.

I promised not to talk about them but yes they were there and in matching clothes, they did not impact my enjoyment of the weekend and instead at points brought indirect amusement to it. Sunday morning was so funny I almost died laughing, Em is great company with a dangerous sense of humour. Big thanks to Nick and John for all their help as well. It is sad when friends are lost and when people can’t get on but my life has moved on in every way possible.

Huge thank you to Mike Amery and all the team who helped run the weekend. You all do a great job.

September, it’s a date then…..


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