How did that happen ?

It seems I have entered a 70.3 !!

Oh Cotswold on the 23 of August for the curious.

Right now I am blaming my training group and that bloody HOLGATE bloke who I am working with.

So all joking aside I could race tomorrow from a basic fitness point of view there is just one small problem….

As someone once said “you know there is a swim in this event?”

Anyone who knows me has heard about the legend that is my swimming prowess. Put bluntly I am one of the worst swimmers ever to tackle a 70.3. There are numbers to back this up and they are not good.

Andy has been aware that I was going to do this as have a few members of the training group what people didn’t expect was me to actually look at the weakness. Partly convenience and partly a desire not to miss the swim cut off has seen me go to ADULT SWIM!!!!! I have even been hiding my swimming from people on Strava as until today I didn’t want to answer questions about it just in case I decided my shoulders couldn’t take it. Stunningly there has actually been positive progress in my swimming, the pain is there sometimes but the desire to be more efficient is also there. It may not make me fast but if swimming twice a week for around an hour get me out the water inside an hour and in less pain then that has to be a winner.

The boys now know I am serious so GAME ON…..


3 Responses to “How did that happen ?”

  1. April 1, 2015 at 10:55 pm

    If you are one of the worst swimmers ever to tackle the 70.3 I must be the other one 🙂

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