A problem I am having

several things really

Diet and hotels, trending on weight is promising but eating habits are lacking

Rain, sick of it but also getting sick of indoor training. Don’t bother with the right clothing bollocks as I have the right clothing I just hate rain.

Blogging, I mean to, I have an idea about one and then I get sidetracked.

Racing, I will do some but although training well I am struggling to want to go road racing or testing. Testing I know why I am not keen. Road racing, funny I think with all the mtb/cross racing I just want to race crits.

Newbury, love the place, love the training group, it feels like home, I miss the socials.

Swimming, I hate swimming, it hurts and it is not fun but I am training.

70.3, see above, I just don’t want to look like an arse

The training groups, I keep up on facebook but only get to play on the occasional Wednesday and at weekends, I wonder if this is why I am not keen to race apart from the MTB. I worry that some are training too much and others too hard but what can I do? You can only say so much.

Coaching, a blog for Orange Approach but suffice to say there is no problem unless me not coaching enough people is a problem. I love it !!

I am sure there was a topic I wanted to blog about but it escapes me…


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