The sun was shining

So I took Em to Scotland for Easter having built it all up for how bad the weather is and we spent 2 days in sunshine!!!!

I was very confused and she was concerned due to a lack of summer clothes.

I have no reason to go to Scotland really beyond memory lane visits to Falkirk, seriously I have no family there and am not in touch with any old school friends. That said now I don’t and have matured a little I can actually see a lot of the good things I had growing up.

Em got the tour of Falkirk including a sausage supper and a can of Irn Bru from the chippy in Hallglen. I had a half pizza supper and informed her not to let me do that again. :¬)

The main reason to go though is the parkrun and time in Cally park. I have great memories of the park, pitch and putt, trampolines, crazy goal and even the boat lake but in a strange way the thing I remember most is running around it. I even by my standards ran quite hard ok not that hard as I had discovered a 10km race for the Sunday in another rather nice park.

Not sure at which point but Em pointed out that a trail 10km in a hilly woods was not what she thought we were doing, I said no worries we can run the course to warm up. It might have been at dinner in Linlithgow where we found a lovely establishment to eat at. Hallglen is a nasty place but Linlithgow is lovely with a number of parks and the palace all near by. Strangely Em and I will probably need to go back again to finish off tourist information :¬)

So onto the 10km trail race, it wasn’t my first choice that was a 10 miler but as expected in the running boom it was full and on reflection I probably got a better deal as it was in Beecraigs country park. The 10km was a smaller event to raise funds for charity and organised by West Lothian Run. This years charity being Autism Family support. http://westlothianrun.co.uk/

Em and I jogged the course to warm up and after 1.5 kms she announced she hated me and that theme carried on for the entire lap really, good job I could bribe her with ice cream afterwards. It was a real joy to win the event but I am sure like me you can appreciate the money raised for a charity like this is far more important.

Oh yes we did the wheel and saw the Kelpies, one impresses me and the other I don’t really understand but I am sure MiniG would have liked the Kelpies.

What else to talk about? Oh yes the accommodation. We stayed here  http://www.lismorehouse.co.uk/ thanks to Em research for that one as it was perfect. Close enough to everywhere but very peaceful so rest was great. Our host was wonderful and even let us borrow the cash and carry card so I could buy Snowballs in bulk. :¬)

All in all a brilliant weekend, after the 10 hour drive up we decided to bug out sharpish and armed with snowballs, caramel logs and square sausage headed south for a lunch and scalextric date with MiniG and Kate. Food, fun and head banging was done. Em has the most amazing shiner but luckily for her it is largely under the eyelid and her glasses are ok. The trip finished with a dart over to my brother Johns with a special deliver. He looked very happy with his square sausage and other Scottish treats.

As you can see it was all go and I think if you are my friend on facebook you can fill in any other gaps.

Now to lose the weight and get training properly



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