It has been an interesting week

So here we are sitting down and looking back, unusual not to do this sooner but I needed time to think and then more things happened.

Started at Sportstest last Monday, concerns around my goals for time trialling and triathlon drove me to finally get some numbers under test and some feedback from Garry. I first came to see him in 2008 and his willingness to chat even outside of testing supplied me with a belief that in some ways it is more than just a job there is a desire to help people. I left with a belief I had spotted the right things and with a little direction from Garry I knew where to change things.

Tuesdays TT on K41/10 and more power and a good time. I was on my better road bike so that gave me free time but the extra power was a real bonus. This to me showed I had been making the right changes and I hope to carry this on.

Realised a lot of my friends were racing the Newbury Duathlon and wished I had entered. Thanks Matt for the place, a few emails and an official transfer was done. Thanks Team Kennett. Of course it was just a training race so training carried on. Wednesday saw the first of the new longer Orange Approach training sessions. I ran paced and people worked well. Happy days.

Thursday was even better with a really good outdoor session on the road bike working in the new zones. As I am me I trained well Friday, smart though as only trained in the morning ahead of Saturdays race.

Got to Andys early on Saturday and broke a few rules on racing, new shoes on the bike and new shoes on the run. I did actually carry road shoes and had trainers in the car but the ride out and a jog around told me I had nothing to worry about.  Andy and I probably looked a little obsessed as we rand through transition but it turned out to be smart.

So the race, straight to the front but soon in 3rd, that was the run then.  Into Transition and the leader got it wrong whereas practice ensured a smooth if not fast transition. For about 10/12 mins I was leading but was soon passed by the cha who went on to win. For a few mins I held the gap but then he was gone. To be honest around 10 mins in I realised the run, even though controlled was far harder on me than I expected. It was ok though as I was solid just not as smooth as I hoped. Came into Transition alone, left alone and ran alone. I had the luxury of going out on the run steady and just picking up for fun in the last mile. 2nd overall and 1st vet, ironically my first thought was how gutting it was to not fight for the win but on reflection 2nd overall is not that bad. Spent a few hours taking the race apart with Andy and we both felt better.

Saw that man and have no idea why he was there, given he hates multisport a strange place to be. Oh well the only downer on a good day and he really wasn’t going to spoil it.

Spent the rest of the day quietly with Em and saw 2 movies had a great dinner and some ice cream,  what more can you want ?

Sunday was back on the bike with Jamie Lee and Morgan,  I rode over and did some work and Em met me there. The lads went one way and Em took Connor to the park. What a great girl….. Brilliant ride and actually nice to back on the road bike doing some hours.  Had a nice lunch with Connor and Morgan, collected my new Team Kit and then more quality time at home.

Oh that kit, seems I was right about that speed suit, technically I got it on but there was no way I would ever be able to ride in it. Seems I still have the wrong chest and back. The quality of the new kit does however look awesome and I am looking forward to using it.

Feeling positive :¬)


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