LVRC Dragon 2 day – Bob and Fred memorial event

I love this race, this and the Abberleys are why I road race but just like the Abberleys this race doesn’t like me.

Three attempts:

One indifferent bunch finish

One race stopped due to an accident in another race.

One race finished by a puncture with just over a lap to go.

This year the objective was simply put finish the event. That said the bigger picture was to come to race this meant try to get in breakaway, shake things up and really nail the TT.

A new format this year with the longer road race on Saturday and the TT and shorter race on the Sunday.  I like this a lot.

Saturdays race had the digs in it, impressed by Julian heading up the road basically on lap 1 but it was obvious a few people were marking a few other people and it seemed that only a handful of people wanted anything other than a bunch sprint. The highlight for me is not being blown away in the bunch sprint.

As a diversion on Saturday evening we popped to Pembroke Doc to have dinner with my mum, my brother and his family. Pizza for 9 it is then. It was a brilliant evening and ended with them deciding to come and watch me on Sunday.

Slept well Saturday night and got up feeling great on Sunday.

The TT is a little short for my tastes and the hill at the end burns a bit but showing how I have changed I put the 808s on as I thought speed matters and I am stronger up hill. 9 mins into a headwind later and I was done. Faster than last year in worse conditions and I was 3rd fastest A 8th overall I think.

The race in the afternoon was frustrating as I could not get away no matter how hard I tried I seemed to be marked, I think the fact I cannot sprint is now well known as is the fact I work if I get away I work. Fail after fail had me dying near the end and of course my last dig at the end had me blow 150 metres from the line and come in on the back of the bunch. Well done to Julian for getting away AGAIN but this time staying away.

I am pretty happy as I know I raced but frustrated nothing we tried ever stuck. I need more jump to break the band. I am happy I finished. I am really happy that my ability to TT got me a placing in the overall.

Nice to talk to a few familiar faces, it really is starting to look like I shall spend a lot of time getting old and racing the same faces :¬)


Big thanks to Austin and the crew for another great 2 days in Wales and see you next year.

Oh and a side bar

TT on the road bike Tuesday and another 24 with over 300 watts recorded, has been a while. A huge power fest at Mallory which saw NP for a 75 min race at just under 300. I blew myself to bits near the line again but things are going in the right direction.

Two TTs this weekend so more time in the new position and maybe even some 70.3 running after the 25 on Sunday.


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