Volume fortnight

All 19 days of it !!!!

Yes I have written 19 days.

Basically I can’t count on 2 levels

1st – I missed the first day out

2nd – I lost a week when I calculated the period and my event was 20 days from the start of the period and not 13

Not sure how to explain it as I knew I was in the Netherlands for the Tour but had somehow forgotten that it was a weekend. I am still lost even as I write this.

Enough of that though and lets look at the breakdown of the 3 weeks, I shall talk in hours as that makes most sense

Swimming – 2hr and 20 mins, actually less than planned due to a week of bad luck BUT did include a swim of race distance. That was good as it confirmed I am around my projected pace and I still have 5 weeks to train.

Cycling – 32hrs and 20 mins, spot on really. Rode some TTs with various levels of success and raced at Mallory with no success but worked hard, Key TT bike session was perfect and in all honesty that is what matters most.

Running – 15hrs and 30 mins, again about right. Only 2 tests of note. A 17.xx 5km which was ok but not great and a 20km run where I ran the last 3kms at 70.3 race pace. The 3kms was easy if honest but I am not kidding myself as it will be different after 2hrs 15 on a bike

Core/vanity training – 2hrs 20 mins, nothing to say about this beyond needs must.

So to review this

I think my swimming is where I want it as is my cycling unusually I am not so sure about my running but I have time so quite calm. Body weight is ok, technically I am inside my race band but spend too much time just above it. I think this is the issue running so wit 5 weeks or so of good training and hopefully another block like this I may be able to drop another kgs.

The run in to 70.3 has another swim TT, a 50 mile bike TT and I am considering a couple of 10 km races. I may even ride to one of them first. Still a few things to iron out but there is no doubt this 70.3 has taken over my training year.

I just don’t want to be shit :¬)


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