The rough with the smooth

So after a 19 day training block it all came down to the weekend to see if a little rest would send me out like a ferret up a pair of trousers but before that I went to see Jurassic World with Bob, Em and Kate. Quite funny and terrible all at the same time. Wouldn’t tell anyone not to go if you like those films, I laughed a lot.

Saturday morning and it dawned on me that I had left my garmin sat on my desk, I can confirm that as I walked into the office today it was indeed sat on the right hand side of my desk still connected to a cable.

Not many people can TT blind and I know I can’t so ideas were hatched, could I tape my watch to the bike etc. In the end it was decided that I would just buy a bike computer, research by me and Em, mainly Em found a local bike shop and a wireless CatEye GPS was purchased(it is rubbish but allowed speed and average speed) and attached to my bike. My Fenix 3 was then placed in reverse on my wrist and connected to all devices to collect data. ( I worked out I could read the middle number so that said AVG power)

The ride, I went out like it was a 10, no messing just foot down knowing I was risking a big blow but I was also rested and feeling good so all focus was on getting to the turn as fast as possible. In reality I found that every time my speed dropped under 25mph I raised my effort. I felt slow but knew it was the conditions so just kept working hoping for the reward heading home, a little diversion and traffic at the roundabout but a solid 3XX watts to the turn. Avg Speed low 25s, now for the return and the target became 30mph in the hope of more and AVG up towards 28mph. Sadly the wind although good was not really brutal or not behind enough so the target time had become a 55. Funny when you realise that, there is a little disappointment, fortunately I had a motivator on Saturday and pushed on.

Rode 55.16 and was really happy that my training block had me strong, I was up on power :¬) and that my mental state even forgetting the garmin was good.

So that was the smooth, well smooth ish

Saturday night Em and I went to see Terminator Genesis and again fun but bad but ok but funny, just go see it if you like terminator films.

I was very relaxed on Sunday, didn’t feel the need for a computer and knew the watch would do for data afterwards. Breakfast was hash brown happiness and onto the event.

Now for the Omloop Van der dries Dorpen, a race I loved last year so entered again.

The new bike felt good and the warm up told me the legs were ready. About 12 of us started last, as the A group(youngest vets) in the handicap it is our place. As usual we talked about working together yet within a lap we were 6 or 7, second lap and a big effort across the gravel saw the group splinter but it came back together again. At this point I was hopeful a few of us would kick again and really work. I must admit big ears are useful and I heard the 2 lads from the same team say they were going to try again on the gravel so I picked my wheel and when the second one kicked so did I. For the first time we went right and bang bang, instant flats and it was all over.

A bit of an anti climax but I was chilled out, I know I had good legs and the block of training has worked.

Rough with the smooth!!!!!!!!!!

Onwards to the next event ……….


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