Oh yes I went on a Stag do!!!!!

This is of course a loose statement, in actual fact I went to Wales mountain biking with 5 mates and battered up and down the hillsides at Afan. I know people want to call them mountains but really they are hills. Granted some are rather hard work but they are hills.

Not sure what I thought of the place, very rocky would be my biggest observation. Reminded me of the time with Alan Coldray at the top of Alpe d’Huez but beyond that it was very much like Cwmcarn(replace rock with roots almost). This makes it far harder to ride than Swinley or Cannock Chase. Does it make me enjoy it more. Not so sure. I think on this occasion with the group I was riding with we could have gone to the worst place on earth and actually it would have been fun. Conclusion is I need to go again as it was an awesome day. with coffee, comedy crashes gurning and pain. :¬)

We learned that Will really can go down hill but he doesn’t go up too well and we confirmed that I can go up solidly but am still not the best at going down. That said I didn’t crash!!!!!!

We hope to produce a movie but having checked my rear camera although the angle was good I see to have an awful lot of vibration which may mean nothing from me.

We finished the day off with dinner in a pub that Morgan knew about. The 40 minute drive was hell  as I was REALLY hungry but I admit the food was very good. I SHOULD OF HAD THE BURGER!!!!!!

It just remains to thank Jamie for the invite and Morgan for organising it.

I really don’t think we should wait for the next marriage before doing it again…..


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