Looking for enjoyment and results

I am a data collector; technology has been my friend for years. I was an early adopter of heart rate monitoring and studied hard as a runner to dial in the right effort. GPS was sent from the skys, quite literally as we all know :¬) Suddenly no more guesswork and no more excuses. Pace mapped to HR equalled training plans to die for and results to please.

Injuries took me away from trainers and introduced me to the bike and for a while HR and GPS were my tools but then I learned about power. Power is absolute and power is now, I could trend it against my cardiac drift, I could look for my training deficiencies. I could just bore the pants off myself for hours on end looking at graphs. I wanted power on everything from track bikes to cross bikes and everything in between and with the exception of an MTB I had my wish.  Data everywhere and training sessions designed to improve me based on analysis.

So with all this happiness would you be stunned to hear there are no power meters on my CX bikes anymore and no power was purchased for my MTB. Why you ask?

Data has to be correct to be used and this year neither CX bike would work consistently and with this I took them off. I noticed that I get frustrated knowing I have all this technology and cannot trust the data or cannot get any data as was often the case.  I am still training on the WATT bike based on the data I did collect but now I don’t know if I am improving on race day, somehow seems wrong but I know the sessions are good.

I may put power back on but then again I may remove it from other bikes as well, it is a cross roads and I am thinking very hard about what I want.

The Heart Rate monitor is still on so now I just race. In some ways I am annoyed but in other ways I am on a new journey.

It is after all called racing ………


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